How to Use E-cigarettes to Bring Your Favours Back?


Not taste that good, battery did not last long enough, atomizer got blocked often. If you have been using e-cigarettes for some time, you must go through these things. We have to admit these troubled you much. Then how to use e-cigarettes to bring your favours back?

However, with time move on, the e-cig industry improves old device and invents new technologies, like cartomizer. It was really annoying to change cartridge after a few puffs. It messed you that the coil inside of your atomizer does not work so well to generate enough vapor, mainly because of the resistance of coil or its aging problem. Hence cartomizer comes into scene. It combined the atomizer and the cartridge into one piece with coil changeable feature. This is the precondition guarantees you a full day puffing.

What we do don’t means to spoil you. To enjoy a longer vaping time also needs your tender care. No matter how hard we try, without your care, it means zero. Now that you get much more pleasure with a cartomizer, you should show your love to it. Here goes our maintenance guide:

  • Using it correctly, like do not blow the cartomizer for the possibility of damaging;
  •  Feel hotter than usual? It may means there is little e-liquid left or the resistance of coil is not enough to heat such amount of liquid, or even the battery does not work well. These you should pay attention;
  • Take less than 10 puffs a time to ensure the liquid in it disperse evenly. Of course, you can choose your puffing time on the basis of your tank capacity;
  • Try to take short puffs, otherwise the next puff will not provide enough vapor production;
  • Do not draw it like lollipop, it may lead the e-liquid leak into the battery;
  • Clean it in time. The coil soaks in liquid and not in working condition in a long time may cause shorten its service time. Meanwhile, after using it, unscrew the battery from the cartomizer;
  • Know when it is the time to change coil, an aging coil does not provide enough heat;
  • Store it in a cool, dark place, avoid from the direct sunray when not using it.

In this way, you make perfect sense to enjoy vapor. No fuss, no mess, why not choosing this win-win method?



Ryan is a vaper, editor and content creator who spends most of his time bringing the interesting, entertaining, original and well-written articles to vapers. He believes that vaping is not only a healthier alternative to smoking, but also a great experience of life.