E-cigarettes, Pregnancy and Adolescent


We all know the negative effects that smoking brings to our bodies, especially those innocent people who are exposed to second hand smoke. And we have also been aware of the fact that “smoking while pregnant may result in feral injury and miscarriage”.

Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of e-cigarettes – a healthier alternative to smoking, we have been surrounded with the compliments about e-cigs’ good influence, for example, “e-cigs don’t push out second hand smoke” or “they don’t contain nearly 4000 poisonous chemicals that has been proven in traditional cigarettes”. However, we still need give attention to the effects that e-cigarettes have on pregnancy and adolescents.

According to studies, even though the substance that e-cigs produce is harmless water vapor, it contains nicotine. If the adolescents that are exposed to the vapor, are very likely to inhale nicotine. As for the pregnant women, if they vape e-cigs, it will make their fetus accessible to nicotine, since they share the same blood supply with their fetus. As we know, nicotine is addictive. Most studies that focus on animals and human beings exposed to nicotine indicate that, too much exposure to nicotine can have an effect on their cognitive development. In another words, it will affect our brain. When it comes to pregnant women, nicotine can interfevaping & pregnancyre with the brain development of the fetus as well as causing birth defect. Not to mention that adolescence is the period of rapid growth, and the growth level plays an important role in their whole life. If forced to inhale too much nicotine, they might be addicted to it which is very harmful for their body.

Gregory Conley, the president of the American Vaping Association, also agrees that pregnant women should avoid nicotine in any form; “while the use of smoke-free nicotine products is generally far less hazardous than smoking, pregnant women should refrain from using all nicotine products, including FDA-approved products like the nicotine patch and gum.”

Although there still needs to be more research before we know the specific effects that nicotine has on pregnancy and adolescences, we don’t recommend pregnant women and youngsters to use e-cigs. Now you might be wondering, “how about using nicotine free e-liquid?” Well, it’s surely safer. However, owing to the fact that the quality of e-cig products sold in the market is uneven, you might find the e-liquid you get that is supposed to be nicotine free still contains a small amount. So how can you be 100% sure about the safety of your e-cig products? For the sake of your health, it’s a better choice to refrain from vaping e-cigs during adolescence or pregnancy all together.

All in all, even though the e-cigarettes are beneficial to those adult smokers who are switching from smoking to vaping, they shouldn’t be used by youngsters and pregnant women. There must be more measures carried out to protect them from the harm caused by nicotine inhalation.

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