Study in October 2017 Finds E-cigarettes Could Prevent 6.6 Million Premature Deaths


In October 2017 issue of Tobacco Control, a British Medical Journal peer-reviewed journal, published a new study. The study draws a conclusion that e-cigarettes would help prevent premature deaths if they replace cigarettes. The study analysed health outcomes by using “a strategy of switching smokers to vapers in America to hasten tobacco control progress.”

E-cigarettes Could Prevent 6.6 Million Premature DeathsThe authors employed data from the 1965 to 2012 National Health Survey to ascertain the “number of smoking-related deaths for smokers calculated by age, gender and year.” To tell apart the risk of e-cigarette use, the authors postulate “the risk to former smokers from using e-cigarettes is proportional to the difference in risk between current and former smokers.”

The authors found out the replacement of vaping for smoking would contribute to 6.6 million fewer deaths. The study further proves the truth of other studies which also found vaping are less harmful than smoking. In 2015, Public Health England declared vaping is less harmful than smoking. It noted its research found “the current best estimate shows vaping is about ninety-five safer than smoking.” In 2016, the Tobacco Advisory Group of the Royal College of Physicians made a report. They found out potential health danger from vaping was unlikely to surpass five percent of the harmfulness from smoking. E-cigarettes have created a great opportunity for both consumers and healthcare which results in revolution in the way that nicotine is used in society. In September 2017, National Health Service Scotland made a joint statementwith other health agencies. They declared “vaping is less harmful than smoking.” 

E-cigarettes Could Prevent 6.6 Million Premature DeathsApart from smokers benefiting a lot from vaping, research clearly shows e-cigarettes could also help taxpayers save billions of dollars. J. Scott Moody, chief executive officer and economist of State Budget Solutions, reckoned if e-cigs had taken the place of cigarettes, savings to Medicaid could have come up to forty-eight billion dollars in 2012.

Therefore, it is very important for our government to admit e-cigarettes are  an important tobacco-harm reduction tool. They should embrace e-cigarette by abolishing regulations or avoiding heavy taxes instead of reducing its usefulness.

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