Can E-Cigarettes Really Help You to Lose Weight?


It is painful to quit smoking. But it may be worse after that. According to some researches, 80% smokers will put on weight after they get rid of cigarettes in few weeks. Can e-cigarettes help you to lose weight?

Do you have problems with your weight after giving up smoking?
Traditional cigarette smoking inhibits your appetite. But after quit smoking habit, the urge to go back to smoking force you to eat more sweets.

What should you do when stopping smoking?
If you want to keep your body in good condition without uncomfortable feeling, one of the effective methods is to use e cigarette as as alternative to traditional cigarette.Electronic Cigarette Weight Lost

What’s difference between cigarette and e cigarette?
Regular cigarettes contain nicotine plus other harmful components while e cigarettes contains nicotine in different levels that soluble in PG and VG. And PG is generally considered as a safe substance by FDA.

Can these flavored e cigarettes really help you lose weight?
E cigarette contains less harmful substances than traditional cigarette. It is a healthier way to enjoy a wonderful experience on smoking without too many bad effects on body health. Many e smokers found that it’s no need to switch smoking to food any more. E cigarettes with many flavors of e juice such as blue berry and cotton candy seem good alternative to eat sweets.

If you still put on weight when switching to e cigarette, what should you do?
Please write down anything about your daily food and weight measuring. Smoking quit means a alternation of lifestyle and TDEE(Total Daily Energy Expenditure). Try a low-cab diet and do more exercises daily. The weight gain is not going to continue in a health lifestyle. So it’s unwise to go back to smoke for losing weight.

Although vaping is a great way to keep fit from smoking quit, it also has some effects on health in the long run. But with the help of e cigarette, you can gradually get rid of cigarettes and enjoy a more healthy life.



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