EHPRO Panther RDA Review

EHPRO Panther RDA Review

EHPRO has released a new stunning little RDA known as the EHPRO Panther RDA.  I’ve spent the last couple of weeks putting the Panther RDA to the test, from the honeycomb style drip tip to the beautifully engraved pattern. The Panther stands out for good and bad reasons. I used a variety of coils when testing to gauge the build quality and to see how this RDA would perform. Favouring my alien coils I use on all my RDAs I found performance was good and stood up to the test of time.

EHPRO Panther RDA Packaging List

  • Panther RDA (Black)
  • Squonk pin
  • Two Pre-made Flat Clapton 0.13Ω coils
  • Screwdriver
  • Bag of spares including 2 x Flat head post screws, Cotton and O rings

EHPRO Panther RDA Review

This RDA is available in a selection of different colors to suit most tastes and preferences.

  • Black
  • Stainless Steel
  • Rainbow
  • Gold

EHPRO Panther RDA ReviewAll Finished with a Dark Blue Honeycomb Style Drip Tip

Building on the Panther RDA I chose my ever faithful Alien coils and ran this as a dual set up. Wicking was OK, however, the wicking ports are small and the juice well is minimalist with next to no room for over dripping. Coil install was very easy with the 2 Gold plated posts on the deck and ample room for decent size coils. Arranging the coils over the airflow was simple enough and to finish you have two large airflow slots on either side of the top cap giving ample amounts of the air intake.

EHPRO Panther RDA Specs and Measurements

  • Size: 24mm x 30mm with 510 threading
  • Constructed from Stainless Steel
  • Thread: 510 thread
  • Gold-plated build deck
  • Bottom-up/Side direct air flow
  • Regular 510 pin
  • BF pin for the squonking (included)
  • Single/Dual coil options
  • Drip Tip 810 drip tip (resin)

The added squonk pin is a bonus and I did use this RDA on one of my squonkers to see how it would perform. As previously mentioned the juice well is virtually non-existent and therefore I wouldn’t say squonking is a good idea as over dripping is all too easy. Another point to make is the top gets hot very quickly if you’re used to chain vaping, the build deck is very close to the drip tip, therefore, you’re prone to getting a hot lip with chain vaping.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent flavour
  • Decent Cloud Production
  • Airflow is ample
  • Design and build quality is excellent
  • Solid Construction
  • Very easy to build on
  • Spares Included
  • Bf Squonk pin
  • Good Price


  • Chain Vaping Prone to hot lip
  • Small Wicking ports
  • Minimal Juice Well

EHPRO Panther RDA Video Review

Final Thoughts

Overall I am happy with how this RDA performed and the flavour produced by this. The ample airflow slots added enough air intake hitting the coils direct and enhancing the flavour. As discussed above, one negative point was the ‘Hot Lips’ caused by chain vaping and the fact the build deck is close to the drip tip in general, this of course happens when you excessively vape like me.

Taking positive points away from this review would be the RDA is built very well, constructed from Stainless Steel to a high standard and looking at the RDA up close you can see the work gone in to achieving this end result, very easy to install coils and ample enough room to put decent size builds upon the deck itself and finally the flavour was exceptional and I was impressed with this. All in all, I recommend this purchase.

Matt Francis

Matt Francis

My name is Matt and I’ve been vaping for around 3/4 years. I started vaping as a means to give up smoking and quickly developed a passion which in turn lead me to doing reviews on YouTube, Twitter and instagram.
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