Eleaf Rotor Sub-Ohm Tank Review | A Tank with Crazy Turbine Sub-ohm Coil!

Eleaf Rotor Sub-Ohm Tank

Eleaf Rotor Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Eleaf just announced the upcoming release of the Eleaf Rotor Sub-ohm Tank on their social media. This sub-ohm tank created a lot of hype on the Internet as it comes with a small turbine or propeller inside the mesh coil. Many vapers embraced the idea behind the Rotor, but some others raised concern as the little turbine inside the coil of the Rotor Tank could be potentially swallowed if it comes off.

Eleaf Rotor Sub-Ohm Tank
Eleaf Rotor Sub-Ohm Tank

The vape community also showed their worries about the atomizer producing noises while spinning. In this post, we are going to look into this new product by Eleaf and try to answer these questions. But first of all, let’s unbox the Rotor!

Unboxing the Eleaf Rotor Sub-ohm Tank

Eleaf Rotor Sub-Ohm Tank
Eleaf Rotor Sub-Ohm Tank

The Eleaf Rotor Sub-ohm Tank comes in tube-like packaging with the Eleaf Rotor Tank with a pre-installed coil (0.2-ohm mesh coil with a turbine inside). Inside the tube, you also will find a non-turbo coil (0.15 standard mesh), a spare bubble glass, extra o-rings and seals, warranty card and a user manual.

How is the Eleaf Rotor tank?

The Eleaf Rotor Tank is a sub-ohm tank with adjustable bottom airflow. It can hold 4 ml of e-liquid with the standard glass tube and 5 ml if you use the bubble glass tube included.

Made in stainless steel, this sub-ohm tank features a press-and-push top filling. This type of top filling prevents the typical involuntary leaking that occurs when you put your tank in a pocket. The atomizer has a locking button on one side that must be pressed while pushing and sliding the atomizer open. Smart design Eleaf! The Eleaf Rotor has 24.6 mm in diameter, 51.4 mm in length and it comes with a big black 810 drip tip.

The Rotor Mesh Coil with Turbine

Generally the design of the atomizer gets all the attention, but in this case, it’s the coil and not the tank itself the main protagonist. The little turbine inside the mesh coil of this tank created a lot of hype on the Internet as we anticipated before.

We could read a few sceptical comments regarding the safety and performance of this tank. The first impression this tank might bring is that it is not safe and it can produce a whistle while inhaling. Both are nonetheless wrong. Even if the turbine inside the coil could come off (which is very unlikely to happen as it is attached with a pin), it could hardly go through the chimney tube and be swallowed accidentally. Surprisingly, the turbine mesh coil does not produce any noise or whistle while inhaling. All you can feel is a small vibration. But it is not noisy at all!

Eleaf Rotor Sub-Ohm Tank
Eleaf Rotor Sub-Ohm Tank

The performance of the turbine mesh coil is actually very satisfying and it does improve the flavour when compared with the standard mesh coil also included in the packaging. It is difficult to state if this coil improves the existing mesh coils in terms of flavours, but it does certainly enhance it.

Eleaf Rotor Sub-ohm Tank Pros and Cons


  • Convenient press-and-push top filling
  • Eleaf always offers decent products for an affordable price
  • Some small innovations are always appreciated
  • The propeller busters the flavour without increasing the e-liquid consumption
  • The coils are compatible with Ello tanks


  • The type of drip tip included is not the best and it is not possible to use other drip tips

Eleaf Rotor Sub-Ohm Tank Video 

Final Thoughts

Eleaf came up with a risky and innovative coil type that can be attractive for many vapers out there. However, this turbine coil idea can sound unnecessary and even ridiculous for others. We personally think some innovation in this industry is always welcome. The Eleaf Rotor Sub-ohm Tank is well constructed and, more importantly, it is not hazardous as some people might think. The Eleaf Rotor Tank brings flavorful clouds so it is really up to you if you want to give this turbine coil concept a chance. We would like to hear your opinion, so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down below!

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