Everything You Need to Know Before Using a Mech Mod


If you have been vaping for a long time and show interests in Ohm’s law, coil building or something like that, chances are that you will want to have a try at the mech mods. However, mech mods are not something you can simply buy and use. Many beginners unwittingly put themselves in a position where they stand a good chance of hurting themselves or the people around them due to lack of knowledge on mech mods or improper use of these types of devices. As a huge mech mod advocate, I am writing this article for those new to mech mods, hoping they can have a better understanding of the devices after reading.

So, what is a mech mod and how does it work?

18722692_608638419341192_410914089737388032_nA basic mech mod is a tube of metal, such as stainless steel, aluminum, or copper, which normally consists of just one single 18650 cell. Along with the tube, you can find there is a firing button which allows the electric current in the battery to reach the atomizer so that the coil can be heat up and vaporize the e-juice. Without circuitry, mech mods are extremely durable and modifiable. For example, if you drop your mech mod in water accidentally, the mech mod may still work after you dry out its components. In a word, they are basic and simple.

However, many veterans who are looking for stronger flavour and increased vapor production are still not satisfied with the mech mod with only one cell. So other beasts are developed, such as tube with dual stacked 18650 cells, box with dual 18650 cells in series and box with dual 18650 cells in parallel, which gives them strong flavor and more vapor.

Mech mods are potentially dangerous sometimes.

When mech mods were introduced to the vaping world, they were firstly used by the advanced vapers. Why? Because mech mods are unregulated and vapers without much experience may get the power wrong for the battery and things can get dangerous sometimes. For example, if a user accidentally presses the firing button for too long, the batteries can over-discharge, which causes the batteries to overheat and even burst.

19379509_457254357983988_243356124051406848_nSo if you are new to mech mods, I recommend that never buy a mech mod unless you see it and get your hands on it. If possible, inspect a mech mod carefully before you buy and use them. First of all, always make sure the mech mod has a lock for the firing button. You don’t want your mod to fire continuously while you’re are sleeping, do you? Next, check your mod for air holes. Air holes are very important for it can let gases escape from your mod if the battery is compromised. After that, during using, you should often check the volts of your battery to make sure they are not overcharged or undercharged. Batteries overcharged or undercharged may have a short life.

In summary, safety comes first. If you are going to give mech mod vaping a try but do not have a solid understanding of ohm’s law and battery amperes limits, make sure that you do your research and stay safe.



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