FDA Is Taking Actions on the E-cigarette


According to CNN, on Thursday, FDA proposed rules that call for strict regulation of e-cigarette, cigars, pipe tobacco, nicotine gels, water pipe tobacco and hookahs.

FDA claims that without real regulation on e-cigarette, they won’t be able to have all the information they need to find out how nicotine in liquid/vapor state will affect people’s health. And it is also a potential door to other tobacco products (and/or drugs) through e-cigs products which must be regulated carefully and strictly. There are data indicates that more and more students/teenagers are using electronic cigarettes, from 4.7% to 10% between 2011 and 2012, according to CDC.

Should the proposed rules are finalized after public comment period, electronic cigarettes manufactures will need to submit applications to allow their products to remain on the market within 24 months. They will need to get approval from FDA before they call sell their products in USA. And they also need to include health warning information on the package and instruction.

Basically, e-cigarette products will be regulated as other tobacco products.

Any thoughts/prediction on this news? Will there be reshuffle in e-Cigs industry soon? What’s your opinion? Welcome to comment to discuss.



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