Five Best Juice Flavors for Keeping You Full of Energy


If you switch from smoking to e-cigarettes, one of the good news is that there are a wide variety of e-juice flavors available on the market. Though you have your own favorite ones, you can still change your flavors in order to give yourself some new experiences. With a range of flavors, you will never get bored. Choosing your e-juice flavors is much like choosing what you want to have for dinner, which is based on your plan and mood. For instance, you may choose energizing flavors to keep yourself active if you have a busy day ahead. Today, I will recommend five e-juice flavors to you, which can keep you full of energy all day long.

coffeeAs it is known to all, coffee is famous for its energy stimulating effects on human brains and is one of the most popular drinks in the world. In the morning, you may start your day with a big cup of hot coffee. In the same way, vaping coffee-flavor e-juice can keep you alert and focused. So if you are going to take an exam or attend an important meeting, why not try the coffee-flavor e-juice?


At breakfast, drinking a big glass of hot lemon water can refresh your body and wake you up. In the same way, vaping lemon-flavor e-juice can revitalize you so that you will feel energetic to prepare for your work ahead.

Dark Chocolate
dark chocolateMade from the seed of cocoa tree, dark chocolate also contains stimulants like caffeine, which can improve brain function in the short term. This is a great, healthier choice for those who have given up coffee to keep them alert and active. A dark chocolate vape will leave your taste buds refreshed, great for you to feel alive.


Have you ever chewed gums like WRIGLEY’S DOUBLEMINT? If so, you must know the revitalizing effect it has on you. A minty vape will keep you awake and lengthen your attention span when you are flagging. Mint is a simple, tasty and eternally vapeable flavor which will never get old!

Black Licorice

liquoriceIn the ancient, many church goers chewed on some funnel seeds during long hours of prayer. Its taste can keep them concentrated for a long period of time. Although black licorice has little in common with funnel seeds, it tastes like them. So if you have a long day of listening ahead, such as courses or informative talks where you need to concentrate, a licorice vape will be of great help!




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