Five Outstanding Sub Ohm Atomizers for Cloud Chasing


Not satisfied with the vapor clouds your current e-cigarette produces? Want to find an outstanding sub ohm atomizer? Starting to try sub ohm vaping but have no idea how to choose the right tank? If you are having these problems, then please read this article, we have summed up 5 high end sub ohm atomizers for you!

1.  Eleaf Melo 2Eleaf Melo 2

Ÿ   Price: pre-order at $19.9

Ÿ   Material: Stainless steel & glass

Ÿ   Diameter: 22.3mm

Ÿ   Length: 67.3mm

Ÿ   Capacity: 4.5ml

Ÿ   Thread Type: 510

Ÿ   Coil resistance: 0.5ohm pre-installed, 0.15 & 0.5 ohm

If you are looking for a cheap yet excellent sub ohm atomizer, then this Eleaf Melo 2 is definitely for you. As the latest upgraded version of the Eleaf Melo, it continues to perform very well. Compared to the 2ml Melo, Melo 2 features a 4.5ml capacity which is sufficient for most vapers who dislike refilling e-liquid frequently. Speaking of refilling, we have to mention its unique side e-liquid filling hole, which allows you to easily refill your e-juice without screwing off the head, cover or base. Except for the pre-installed 0.5ohm atomizer head, Melo 2 also comes with one 0.15ohm EC TC-Ni head and one 0.5ohm EC TC-Ti head, which enables it to be compatible with various temperature control devices. It also features an airflow adjustable function, easy and smooth to adjust for different vapor demands.

2.  Smok subohm VCT Prosmok subohm VCT Pro

Ÿ   Price: $29.9

Ÿ   Material: Stainless steel & glass

Ÿ   Diameter: 22mm

Ÿ   Length: 71.5mm

Ÿ   Capacity: 5ml

Ÿ   Thread Type: 510

Ÿ   Coil resistance: 0.2 & 0.6ohm

As a competitor of Eleaf Melo 2 in the low-price sub ohm tank market, Smok VCT Pro is more versatile. If you ever used Smok Vapor Chaser tanks, you should be impressed with its variety of coils and huge vapor production you can make. As an upgraded version, VCT Pro performs even better with its huge capacity and innovative design. 5ml is quite a large capacity, you don’t have to bother to refill frequently either. Coming with an enlarged e-liquid inlet hole, it can work perfectly with thicker VG juices. As we mentioned in previous article, How to Achieve Huge Vapor Production, high VG  can be used to produce big vapor clouds.

So if you really want to get into the whole cloud chasing, then this Smok VCT Pro is no doubt a fantastic choice. In addition, this tank features a new drip tip with a heating fan, making it easy to control airflow and reduce heat. And you can also easily replace the pre-installed 0.2ohm coil with the 0.6ohm VCT Pro E2 coil included in this tank pack for different vaping fun.

3.  Aspire Atlantis 2Aspire Atlantis 2

Ÿ   Price: $45

Ÿ   Material: Stainless steel & Pyres glass

Ÿ   Diameter: 22mm

Ÿ   Length: 70.7mm

Ÿ   Capacity: 3ml

Ÿ   Thread Type: 510

Ÿ   Coil resistance: 0.3 & 0.5ohm

Aspire Altantis 2 has succeeded the excellent features of the original Atlantis, bringing some fantastic innovations. It comes with an ungraded airflow valve and a super bore drip tip with an added adjustable airflow on the base (to keep vapor cool when vaping at very high wattage). And 2 coil heads—pre-installed 0.3ohm (70-80W), 0.5ohm (20-30w) replacement heads are included in the pack, which can satisfy different vaping demand for vapor production. The 100% organic cotton and USA-made kanthal wire gives a pure taste to the e-liquid. The only issue = the 3ml capacity is not as attractive as the two tanks above. But if you are not picky about capacity and a big fan of Aspire, you will definitely love this Atlantis 2.

4. UD ZephyrusUD Zephyrus

Ÿ   Price: $31.5

Ÿ   Material: Stainless steel & Pyres glass

Ÿ   Diameter: 22ml

Ÿ   Length: 58ml

Ÿ   Capacity: 5ml

Ÿ   Thread Type: 510

Ÿ   Coil resistance: 0.2, 0.3 & 0.5ohm

If you are an experienced vaper who likes rebuildable sub ohm tanks, then you won’t want to miss this Zephyrus RTA by UD. It comes with a 5ml capacity and top filling design which can support a longer vape time and make refilling quite easy. The vacuum structure of this tank avoids leaking problems too. The Zephyrus features large adjustable airflow control valves which can be smoothly adjusted and closed. But compared with Atlantis 2, the airflow is a little bit more restrictive. The Zephyrus RTA is compatible with both an OCC head (dual coil ceramic base) and a rebuildable head, giving vapers flexible choices. What’s more, this tank kit includes a heat sink which can be attached to the drip tip, perfect for keeping the drip tip cooler when vaping at a higher wattage.

5. iJoy Acme VapeiJoy Acme Vape

Price: $33

Material: 304 stainless steel & glass

Diameter: 22mm

Capacity: 3.5ml

Thread Type: 510

Coil resistance: 0.3 & 0.5ohm

This iJoy Acme Vape tank comes possesses many fantastic features. It features a top air intake holes and bottom fill closure system, completely a unique design for anti-leaking purposes. The most attractive point of this Acme Vape atomizer is that it can produce huge vapor even at a low wattage, which means it is much more power-efficient. If this is the case, I think the Acme Vape may have a very big advantage in the sub ohm atomizer market. If that wasn’t enough this tank kit also comes with one pre-installed 0.3ohm coil and one 0.5ohm replacement coil. Its 180 degree vertical turn back airflow cooling system is quite helpful for reducing heat.

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