Flavour Pairings With Your E-liquid


It is the most wonderful season of all year. It is the time everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale. In this harvest season, more food we can enjoy. Might someone of you doubt, in today’s world, there is no limit to pick seasonal food. Of course, all of these are available at most supermarkets. However, we are talking about the flavour which cannot be imitated artificially easy.

You know one of the outstanding feature that traditional cigarette cannot compare with is the various flavor we offering.

Such various flavour, in this very harvest season,means a flavour feast for us. But how to enjoy a good meal? We are inspired by food pairing in the kitchen. Sharing key flavour components is the essence of food pairing. With so many kinds of eliquid, which one is good for a certain food? Flavor means everything.

Some of our flavour parings for your reference:

Coconut with egg: kaya jam is wildly popular in Southeast Asia. The mix of coconut, eggs and sugar has a great rich texture. We think coconut vaping with boiled eggs or omelet can be fantastic.

Strawberry with tomato:  fruit, juicy, sweetly acidic tomatoes, some bread cubes mix with carrots and thousand island sauce, with a few puff strawberry vaping. How wonderful is that!

Avocado with cappuccino: the body of an avocado is not sweet, but rich with subtle flavored, creamy texture. Served with cappuccino flavor vaping, one word to describe it: sensational!

Scallop with vanilla: Slice each scallop horizontally into four thin disks. Drizzle with lime juice and olive oil, companied with vanilla vaping. A different fresh feeling never experience before!

These are classic. To enjoy a feast, remember one thing: do not let the routine setting your meal. If you have an idea for a flavor, go try it!



Ryan is a vaper, editor and content creator who spends most of his time bringing the interesting, entertaining, original and well-written articles to vapers. He believes that vaping is not only a healthier alternative to smoking, but also a great experience of life.