Freemax Gemm 80W Starter Kit Preview | A Stick Vape with Disposable Mesh Tanks!

Freemax Gemm 80W Starter Kit
Freemax Gemm 80W Starter Kit

Freemax Gemm 80W Starter Kit Preview

Freemax is back again with a new starter kit! After releasing the successful Twister Kit, this vape company wants to introduce us to a budget-friendly kit with disposable tanks! Can you imagine throwing your entire tank away when your coil is no longer any good?

Well, this is exactly what Freemax had in mind when they came up with the Freemax GEMM 80W Starter Kit. We have seen that before with pods but never with tanks. In this post we are going to give you all the details about this kit and its new Gemm disposable tank!

Gemm Disposable Tank
Gemm Disposable Tank

Unboxing the Freemax Gemm 80W Starter Kit

The new starter kit by Freemax comes in a simple packaging with the following goodies:

  • The Gemm tube mod
  • The Gemm Disposable Tank 4ml  (Built-in G2 Mesh Coil 0.2ohm,  40-80W)
  • Extra GEMM Disposable Tank 5ml (Built-in G1 Mesh Coil, 0.15ohm 40-80W)
  • USB Charger
  • User Manual
  • Warning Card
  • Warranty Card
Freemax Gemm 80W Starter Kit
Freemax Gemm 80W Starter Kit

This kit is also available in a TPD version for vape businesses based in Europe. The packaging is identical but it includes a 2ml version tank in instead.

Price: $24

Colors: rainbow, blue, black, purple and white

Getting to Know the Freemax Gemm 80W

The Freemax Gemm is a budget-friendly starter kit consisting of a 80W tube mod and a disposable tank. The Gemm mod is equipped with variable wattage with three adjustment levels.  Powered by a 2900 mAh built-in battery, the Gemm tube mod features a gem shaped power button with light indicators.

When pressing this fire button three times,we can swift between the three different wattage levels: Soft (40W), Medium (60W) and Strong (80W). These 3 levels are slightly different depending on which kind of coil you use. You can see the table down below.

Freemax Gemm mod wattage settings
Freemax Gemm mod wattage settings

The light indicator located in the power button also provides information about the battery level: green light (65-100%), yellow light (30-65%) and red light (30-0%).

The Freemax Gemm mod has 25 mm in diameter so any tank with this diameter can be used without overhang. It is charged via USB cable.

How long does the disposable GEMM tank last?

Most coils last between 2-3 weeks depending on many factors such as how often you vape, the wattage you are using and the sweetener of your e-liquid. According to Freemax, the Gemm is eco-friendly as it is made of PCTG material. This can be argued by many as throwing the entire tank away does produce more waste than just replacing a coil. Nonetheless, this type of tank is more eco-friendly than a regular tank.

Gemm Disposable Tank
Gemm Disposable Tank

The Gemm tank is very affordable (just $8 per item) and there are multiple built-in mesh coils available. The Gemm features an easy top-filling system sealed with a silicone plug, which provides 360 degree e-liquid feeding.  The coils adopts a diamond mesh shaped structure and the wicking material is a blend of tea fiber cotton and 10% organic cotton formula. According to a statement on the manufacturers website, “this wicking material refreshes your flavors and provides more puffs than other disposable tanks in the market.”

Freemax Gemm 80W Starter Kit Video 


The Freemax GEMM 80W Starter Kit is a sleek, portable, and simple starter kit for beginners willing to spend less in a decent starter kit. The price of the disposable tanks is obviously higher than the price of any other replaceable coil (double to triple).

However, you pay some extra for the convenience and simplicity. The main concern with disposable tanks is whether they bring more environmental issues or not. As we stated before, it does not add much extra waste, but it does bring some.

What is your point of view about the Freemax GEMM 80W? As usual, we’d love to hear your opinion in the comments below!

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