Geek Bar, the Ultimate Disposable Pod

This device takes disposable mods to the next level


Looking for something simple, affordable and realiable to start your vaping journey? Then look no further because in this post I am going to introduce you to the GEEK BAR, the ultimate disposable pod.

Unboxing the Geek Bar Pod

The Geek Bar disposable pod mod comes in simple carton packaging containing the pod inside a sealed blister, and also includes a manual informing you how to use the appliance. Actually you need nothing else as disposable pods cannot be charged or refilled.

In the back of the package, you will find a code to verify the authenticity of your product. This is always important as this product is FDA certified, and you do not want to be vaping on something is not genuine.

Build Quality and Specifications

Made in PolyCarbonate (thermoplastic, which can by recylced at the end of use), the Geek Bar has a sleek appearance thanks to its diamond pattern with in a glass look finish. The device has 500 mAh built-in battery that powers the supply of the pod up with a total resistance of 1.4 ohm. The pod is pre-filled with 2.4 ml of salt-nic e-liquid.

Disposable mod with 600 puffs
Disposable mod with 600 puffs

There are 9 fruity flavors to choose from (watermelon ice, sweet strawberry, grape, blueberry ice…etc) and one tobacco flavor for those that might miss cigarretes! Each color available matches one of these flavors.

The wicking material of the Geek Bar consists of organic cotton and non-woven fabrics. The device is able to reach 9W with a constant 3.6V output.


What’s new with this disposable pod?

Let’s talk about the performance of the Geek Bar! This disposable vape device can provide more than 575 tasty puffs. Considering that the prefilled pod has 2,4 ml of salt nic (50 mg), this is equal to 48 cigarretes. So far the manufacturer does not have any lower nicotine ratio available, but it might come to the market later.

The Geek Bar also brings excellent performance when it comes to vapor production. The clouds you are able to blow with this device are not only tasty but also dense and highly satisfaying. It almost feel like you are puffing from mesh coil, which is very impressive for a disposable pod.

The Geek Bar delivers a consistant throat hit from the beginning to the very last puff. Usually, this is the main problem with other disposable pods: the battery perfomance goes slowly down, not briging the same satisfying puff until the very end. Geek Bar has done a very good job in this regard.

Geek Bar Video Review

Final thoughts

The Geek Bar is possibly the best disposable vape in the market to date. The flavors available are just delicious and super tasty. In addition, the design and performace of the device is outstanding.

Since it does not require any setting, the Geek Bar is perfect for people new to vaping. Any smoker can give vaping a go for the price of 2 packs of cigarretes. Actually, the Geek Bar is also an option for all kind of vapers, as it is be an excellent back up device.

All in all, I strongly recommend this device. Hopefully it will help many current smokers to make the switch. Affordable and easy-to-use vaping device like the Geek Bar are exactly what some people need to quit tobacco smoking for good.





Alfonso Melero

Alfonso Melero

Content creator and marketer. Originally from Spain, I lived a few years in Scotland and China where I started to work for the vaping industry. Vaping is not only a profession for me but also a passion. I quit smoking thanks to vaping almost 3 years ago. I helped many smokers to switch to vaping since as I am convinced vaping is a much healhier alternative to tobbaco smoking.