Geekvape Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Geekvape Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank

Geekvape Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank Introduction:

The Geekvape Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank is the latest sub ohm tank from long time popular manufacturer Geekvape. They’ve had a really good year so far IMO on the mod side of things with the Nova and Aegis Legend but have been kind of disappointing on the atomizer side since they dominated my best of in 2017 but outside of the drop and loop RDAs way early this year have kind of been a disappointment.

The Alpha tank clearly looks designed to match the nova mod so I’m not sure why they didn’t package it in for the kit and went with the cerberus tank instead but they come in resin colors matching the resin panels on the nova.

Geekvape Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank

The subohm tank market is kind of dominated these days by freemax and the falcon so we’ll see if this one can stack up. Of course the Alpha uses mesh coils as is the rage these days.

It’s available in 5 colors all resin, Silver and ember resin, Silver and twilight Resin, Silver and Flare Resin, Black and onyx Resin, and Blue and onyx resin.

Geekvape Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank Specs:

  • 25mm diameter
  • 41mm height (not including tip)
  • 4ml capacity
  • Press top filling system
  • Resin appearance to match the Nova mod
  • Cotton imported from Egypt
  • MeshMellow mesh coils taste better and last longer
  • Thread: 510

Geekvape Alpha Packaging List:

  • 1 Alpha Sub Ohm Tank
  • 1 Extra glass tube
  • 1 MM *1 0.15ohm coil head(pre-installed)
  • 1 MM *2 0.4ohm coil head
  • 1 User manual
  • Spare parts

Geekvape Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank

Geekvape Alpha Coil Options

(coils are kanthal unless otherwise stated)

  • MM X1 0.2ohm (60-110w best for 75-95w)
  • MM X2 0.4ohm (50-80w best for 60-70w)

Looks and Design

The Geekvape Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank is a beautiful resin tank IMO. Resin tanks are becoming more and more popular these days. The first ones I remember seeing were the carrys tanks but those were not good at all. The popular ones these days are the Freemax ones and the Falcon.

The Alpha was clearly made to match their Nova mod as well with similar resin patterns. Kind of makes it a shame it didn’t come with the nova in a kit which included the cerberus tank instead but I assume they made the Alpha tank after the Nova to match it.

Geekvape Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank

They offer it in colors so something to each color Nova mod. I have the Silver and Flare Resin which matches my Nova perfectly. They include a nice bubble tank as well which I like. It comes with a standard 810 matching resin drip tip.

Overall I find it to be a nice looking tank that looks similar but different enough then your normal sub ohm tanks.

Geekvape Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank Features & Functions

The Geekvape Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank uses a standard 810 drip tip so you can also use your own if you’d like but no 510 adapter to use a 510 tip as well.

The drip tip is a matching resin one so it’ll differ based on the color you choose. It fits great and works well with any 810 tip. All the threading on this tank is excellent. It’s a very nicely built tank with good quality.

The coil system is a screw in type into the base much like most sub ohm tanks on the market. You need the tank to be basically empty to swap coils. Airflow is 3 large holes equally spaced apart on the bottom.

It’s plenty of air, easily made for DTL vaping. The AFC is smooth and easy to adjust even on mod thanks to the nice raised bumps on it and it’s on a stopper.

Geekvape Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Filling is easy as well, I really like the top fill system. It uses a “switchblade like” release button that springs it open when you push it and when you close it automatically locks into place.

The 1 fill hole is quite large and easy to fill with any bottle type but you can’t just pour into it. It comes with a standard 4ml capacity bubble tank only unless you get a TPD edition which comes with a 2ml regular glass.

Geekvape Alpha Coil Performance

Now to the important stuff. How does it vape? There are 2 coil options in total. The MM X1 0.2ohm (60-110w best for 75-95w) and the MM X2 0.4ohm (50-80w best for 60-70w).

Geekvape Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank

Both are KA1 (Kanthal) Mesh coils with the MM X1 being a single mesh coil and the MM X2 being a dual mesh coil.

I started with the X1 single mesh coil and I have to say it is one of the better mesh coils I’ve used to date. I found it best in the 80-90 watt range and very similar in performance to the freemax mesh pro double mesh coil and above the horizontech falcon coils. Really good coil.

Then the X2 double besh coil. I found it best at around 50-60 watts. It’s a good coil but not as good as the X1 is so it’s kind of the opposite of the freemax coils. It’s pretty similar to the freemax single mesh coil in performance and I turned the air halfway closed. I used 80ml on it so far and it’s not dead yet so really good coil life as well. No complaints.

Overall really good performance as one of the better mesh tanks on the market but mostly with the MM X1 coils is where it shines.

Overall Impressions

Overall I really love this tank, with the MM X1 mesh coil it is one of the best tanks on the market. It also looks great and well built and I love the top fill switchblade.

The 4ml capacity is pretty good but I wouldn’t have minded a little more from a bubble glass.

Geekvape Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank

Geekvape Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank Pros & Cons


  • Build quality
  • Looks
  • Easy to fill (love the switchblade top cap)
  • No leaks
  • Color options (5 total)
  • Standard matching resin 810 tip
  • AFC adjustable easily on mod
  • Thread quality
  • Coil performance (MM X1)
  • Coil life
  • Good capacity 4ml
  • Bubble tank included


  • No RBA deck
  • No drip tip 510 adapter
  • Should have came in the Nova Kit over the Cerberus tank

Geekvape Alpha Sub-Ohm Tank Video Review


So with all that said, do I recommend the Geekvape Alpha Sub-Ohm tank or not? I don’t like to do a hard yes or no, but I’m going to have to lean towards the yes. I think it makes a great option if you want a really good performing tank with a good capacity. It’s probably a small step behind the Freemax Mesh Pro flavorwise but a bit in front of the Falcon. All 3 are pretty close though so this one is more than worthy of being looked at.



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