Good News! GeekVape Updated Tsunami RDA (Final Version)


If you love RDA’s you’ll probably already know about the new Tsunami RDA. What you possibly didn’t know yet is that GeekVape just updated this device to make it even better.  If you watched some videos about this Tsunami RDA, you might want to know that GeekVape has lowered the central pin connection and made the cap of the Tsunami even easier to remove.

The creators of the Griffin tank, are releasing (this time for good) GeekVape Tsunami RDA (Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer). The name could not be more accurate for this overwhelmingly brilliant vaping device that will bring you a blast of vapor and flavor. Read the review by Vaping360 here.

Tsunami RDA

Imagine everything you could ever want from a RDA in just one device: improved velocity style deck, adjustable Kennedy style airflow, various drip tips for you to choose from (including a Delrin dirp tip, a 510 adaptor and a wide open Delrin drip tip) heaven! Well… stop imagining because this Tsunami RDA already exists and it can be yours for a very affordable price.

Check out the review we uploaded two weeks ago on our Youtube Channel:

This is how GeekVape improved the deck by lowering the central pin connection:



So all in all what a fantastic RDA. GeekVape have really listened to their customers and implemented  these improved features to make sure everyone is happy! Now you can pre-order this fantastic Tsunami RDA for an incredible $27.50 with the HG code “AHGEVAPE”. Have a blow and let us know what you think!



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