Griffin 25 Plus: When a RTA Reaches Perfection!


Vape reviewers about Griffin 25 Plus

14480574_1089846494467442_928108180878518260_oSince GeekVape launched the first Griffin RTA 22 mm, this atty has received nothing but good reviews. GeekVape was back at the beginning of 2016 just another new Chinese manufacturer trying to find a place in the e-cig market. In less than one year, this young and vibrant company has become a well-known manufacturer with an excellent reputation in the industry and the vape community. But how is this possible? Well, they know how to listen and before putting a new product in the market they carefully studied what most experienced vapers are after. That simple… or that complicated. Depends on how you look at it.

The Griffin RTA and the Tsunami RDA are their vape hits and, despite its popularity, GeekVape has been improving these products with new versions throughout 2016: Griffin, Griffin Mini, Griffin 25, Tsunami, Tsunami 24, Tsunami glass window… After GeekVape released Griffin 25, many of you possibly thought there was no room for further improvement, but the guys from GeekVape did not give up and they now launched Griffin 25 Plus.

Griffin 25 Plus, base and deck

Griffin 25 Plus looks identical to the previous Griffin, but if you unscrew the base of the atomizer you will find the secret of its success inside the tank: A velocity style deck with more room to build on, the airflow of the Tsunami RDA and  the best draining system you can imagine. Geekvape put the best of their knowledge in one tank. The result? Most reviewers worldwide consider now Griffin 25 Plus the perfect RTA. The Griffin series seems to have reached perfection. Let’s see how GeekVape tries to impress us next time because this Griffin 25 Plus looks hard to beat!

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