This Halloween Get Only Nice Vape Treats, No Tricks!


Blow away the cobwebs this Halloween and check out all we have to offer you vaping folk. Let us summarize in this post all the treats you can get your hands on!

1. Vaping Tricks Halloween contest. Are you dressing up this Halloween? Do you love vaping tricks and Instagram? Why don’t you hit us up with with your best vape trick?! The 20 best videos will get a direct prize. Check the details for this contest here.
2. Get 23.5% off promo!  If you are thinking of purchasing any vaping gear, then this is the best time to do it as most products on our online store have 15% off when you add them to the shopping cart. Click here to see further details.0AFF72213D91E07329D0030EC13045E2
3. Our office was attacked by some creepy creatures! Dont miss out on this spooky video with a special code at the end. You can add to the current discount we have on our shop and get an extra discount!!
4. Vaping with Twisted 420 and IJOY just launched RDTA box. A 200W box mod with  huge tank capacity (12.8 ml) and the best thing is, it is compatible with Combo RDTA and Limitless RTDA decks. Watch this video because we teamed up with them to bring you guys an exclusive treat you will only find here in this video!

So what are you waiting for, get on your broomsticks and check out our vaping treats!



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