Hand Spinners: What Are They and Why Are They So Popular?


Do you find your fingers constantly needing to be busy? Well nail-biters, desk-drummers and pen-clickers we have the perfect fidget toys to help you out. The new fidget spinners on the market are gripping the attention of adults’ and children’s alike!

So what are they?

Hand spinners are small stress/boredom relieving toys. A basic hand spinner usually consists of a bearing in the center of the design made from materials such as brass, stainless steel, titanium, cooper and plastic. They have a three-pronged rotational blade which spins around the bearing once you give it a flick. You can grip the central bearing with your index finger and thumb while it spins – perfect for keeping all your fingers entertained!


Why are they so popular?

Fidget toys were primarily designed to relieve stress. However, they have also been found to provide the user with a pleasing sensory experience when the user rotates it between his or her fingers. Hand spinners are also ideal for people with ADD, ADHD, autism smoking, nail biting, fidgeting, and other tendencies that develop into habits, helping people calm down when they are in stressful situations, anxious or simply bored. Some spinners even can be customized according to user’s preferences and because the hand spinners are so small they can be carried around in pockets and bags super easily.

Why do many vapers want to have a hand spinner?

Hand spinners can help vapers to reduce the amount of puffs they are having everyday. Many times vapers puff their e-cig just because they need to keep their hands busy , but do you really need that puff because you are craving for nicotine? Possibly not. There is one more thing that links vaping and hand spinners: You can also  perform some tricks with them. Vaping tricks became extremely popular on the Internet, and it looks like the new trend hitting Youtube, Instagram and other social media videos is spinner tricks. Watch this video we found on the Internet about spinners trick!

Maybe you need no reason to give spinners a go. But we have to warn you. Be aware they are really addictive!



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