HCigar Aurora 80W Squonk Mod Review

HCigar Aurora 80W Squonk Mod Review

The HCigar Aurora is a really cool concept. The mod appears to be solid and the battery switch option is unique. The execution of the mod leaves a little to be desired unfortunately and I found myself more annoyed than enjoying the mod.  If you can look past these issues, or they simply don’t bother you, then this squonk mod may be an option for you.

HCigar Aurora 80W Box Mod Specs

Size: 92 x 58 x 27.5mm
Cell type: 1 x 21700/20700/18650 cell (not included)
Output Wattage: 1 – 80W
Output Mode: VW/TC
Squeeze Bottle: 7.0ml
Screen: 0.96-inch display
Temperature Range: 100-315°C/200-600°F
Thread: 510 thread

HCigar Aurora 80W Box Mod Packaging List

  • 1x Aurora MOD
  • 1x QC USB Cable
  • 1x EVA Replacement Bottle
  • 1x User Manual

HCigar Aurora 80W Squonk Mod

HCigar Aurora Initial Thoughts and Impressions

The packaging is very simple but adequate while providing exactly what you would expect. It is a simple white box with blue writing, and it shows you just what you need to know. The mod is in a baggy inside and there is an envelope with the owners manual and warranty card inside. There is a USB cable in a small box for the two amp charging capability, and a stiffer second blackened squonk bottle.

The mod I received for review is red. There is a red sticker on the front showing me the color inside. Once powered on the screen is bright OLED. It shows you battery life and your vape settings in clear easy to read brilliance.  The menu system is a little wonky. You will need to read the manual in order to understand the workings of the menu. It is not intuitive in the least way.

HCigar Aurora 80W Squonk Mod

The fire button is a clicky satisfying switch. (one of the best things about the mod) Each side of the device is removable. The Single 18650/20700/21700 battery is behind the removable door and is very easy to change with the included pull cord. Once you remove the door it is difficult to get it back together properly. One of the coolest things about the mod is the battery changing switch plate in the back that changes the battery from a 18650 to the 20700/21700. This is by far the best and most unique feature of this mod., but can it save the device?

The fit and finish of this device are completely problematic. The tolerances are so tight on the doors yet so loose. It is difficult to get the doors in place then they aren’t lined up properly at all. Once you get them on they aren’t lined up and it takes a lot of fiddling to get them on there completely flush. The squonk bottle doesn’t reset after you squeeze it. If you buy this mod then you will need to trim the straw. The wattage doesn’t appear to be completely correct. It feels as if the mod is firing below its registered wattage, which is an automatic fail for me.

But how does the HCigar Aurora 80W vape?

The Aurora Vapes ok for a single battery mod. The 18650 option goes to 80 watts, but there should be an option for at least a 100-watt option for the 20700 and 21700 batteries. The mod is much better suited to a single coil atomizer running at no higher than a .20 ohm coil for the best battery life. Because the bottle has no possibility to reset due to the extremely soft silicone bottle, the vape experience of the squonker is almost infuriating to use.  I was not satisfied with the process of using the device mainly because of the squonk bottle.

HCigar Aurora 80W Squonk Mod Video Review 

HCigar Aurora 80W Final Thoughts

This mod is a mediocre offering by HCigar. There are a lot of other mods that will do the same function with more elegance than the Aurora mod. The squonk bottle, panel fit, and user interface all show poorly for this squonk mod.  With so many options for single battery squonk mods, this Aroura mod falls very short. You will be better suited to find another option and leave this one on the shelf. There are many different squonkers out there that will provide you with a better vape experience than this mod could ever offer.

Jess Hawkins

Jess Hawkins

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