Heaven Gifts Sponsored the Telford Vape Charity Show


Heaven Gifts Sponsored the Telford Vape Charity ShowRecently we read a poignant, inspiring story by Telford Vaper, who is also the head organizer of the Telford Vape Charity Show. We were deeply touched. As a mark of respect for his son Josh and in support of his charity, Heaven Gifts decided to sponsor the Telford Vape Charity Show. This is an extra special vaping journey. Please do read on to find out more about it.

In order to fully understand my vaping journey, I think I need to start from the beginning. Sadly, I lost my eldest son (Josh) when he was fourteen. He had Angelman Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. He couldn’t talk but could sign.

When Josh passed away, I was smoking around 80-100 roll-ups a day, as a form of escaping. After eight months, I decided to stop smoking. I went cold turkey and stopped for almost six months in March 2014.

Then my gran passed away and brought all the grieving back to the front of my mind. I went back on the fags. Jump forward to October 2015, and I bought my first ever e-cigarette pen. I was dual vaping and smoking but found I wasn’t getting the flavors or the desire to quit smoking. So, I made a plan that on the 3rd January 2016, I would buy my first proper mod and tank. I believe it was an Eleaf mod with a tank from Totally Wicked.

I would never have known then, that 17 months on, my life would have changed for the better. Not only I am healthier, but vaping has given me the confidence to become more sociable, to the point where I now have my own YouTube channel.

Heaven Gifts Sponsored the Telford Vape Charity ShowI only decided several weeks ago to organize a charity Telford Vape Show on 19th August in Donnington, Telford between 12-4 pm. When Josh passed, there was no real help for fathers, only mothers. I was pointed towards a website called Daddy’s with Angels. They supported me through the hard times and the dark times. The other charity close to my heart is Great Ormond Street where my son Josh spent many a night before his passing.

As I turn forty in August, I decided to do between 4-40 challenges. The biggest today was the idea I had about the Telford Vape Charity Show. I’m hoping to raise at least 500 pounds for each charity. Who knows what the next few years will hold for the Telford Vaper. What I do know is that each time I blow a cloud, I know my Josh, my angel, is watching down and is proud how far this story and life has taken me.




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