Hotcig Kako Pod System Review | A Pod Kit with a Creative Design

Hotcig Kako Pod System
Hotcig Kako Pod System

Hotcig Kako Pod System Review

There is almost no month that Hotcig does not launch a new device. In July, this vape company put in the vape market the Hotcig Kako Pod System, a very original pod kit never seen before. After the release of the Kubi, a pod mod featuring ceramic coils, Hotcig is back with a new pod system that will get your attention. Wanna check it out with us?

Hotcig Kako Pod System
Hotcig Kako Pod System

Unboxing the Hotcig Kako Pod System

The Hotcig Kako pod system comes in black and white packaging and includes the following goods:

  • Hotcig Kako kit
  • Pod Cartridge
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Lanyard
  • Warranty Card
Hotcig Kako Pod System
Hotcig Kako Pod System

The retail price of this original pod system is around $18 (depending on the website) and it is only available in black and white at the moment. Since this is a pre-order, we think this pod system could be in other colours later on.

Hotcig Kako Build Quality

The Hotcig Kako is one of the most original pod mods we have seen in a long time. This pod mod can be broken down in 2 different parts: the battery and the pod part. Each part matches a different colour and they are attached to each other by two strong magnets. There are no buttons, no mouth-piece and no top refill. Instead, you have to pull this pod mod apart.

The pod part is white and has 2 ml e-juice capacity and it is a refillable pod. It has a small plug inside to close the refilling hole. The pod has a built-in coil specially designed for MTL vaping with nic salt e-liquid and other juices with low VG and high nicotine strength. On top of this part, we find the inhaling hole. I am assuming Hotcig will sell pod replacements in different colours so you can customize your pod look.

Hotcig Kako Pod System
Hotcig Kako Pod System

The battery part is black and it has a 420 mAh built-in battery. The battery has a USB port on one side to charge it. Both parts are made of PC material and they clip together when the magnets are close enough to each other. Cool design. The kit includes a lanyard that can be tied between the 2 magnetized parts. So you can also hang this pod kit from your neck.

Measuring 26mm by 14mm by 85mm, the device feels super light and compact in hand. As the Kako is a non-button design pod, you can just set the Kako pod and start vaping.

Hotcig Kako Pod System Pros & Cons 


  • Very creative design
  • Easy to use
  • Light and compact
  • The battery last all day long


  • Lack of flavour
  • Not very comfortable to vape on as there is no mouthpiece

Hotcig Kako Pod System Video 


The Hotcig Kako Pod System stands out from other pods in the market because of its creative design. It is simple to use and user-friendly. However, there are better options out there in terms of flavour. Actually, the previous pod kit by this company, the Kubi pod system provides better flavor thanks to the ceramic coils. Hotcig had to come up with a mouth-piece free pod to keep the rounded design. However, vaping from the hole directly is not very comfortable.

If you are looking for something different and original while giving up on flavour -or just vaping with very simple flavours- then the Hotcig Kako can be the pod you are looking for. We really like the concept but the design involves some pros and cons. If you have any question or thought about this pod system, please hit us in the comments down below!

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