How to clean a vape tank and coil? | The Newbie Guide

How to clean vape tank and coil?
How to clean vape tank and coil?

How to a clean vape tank and coil?

Sometimes using your vape device with a dirty tank or coil can be frustrating. Burnt hits, no clear taste and lacking in performance. Let’s be honest, most of us have had a tank or coil like this before. Luckily, there are methods regarding how to clean a vape tank or coil so that you can restore it and get that new, quality vaping experience again.

How to clean vape tank and coil?
How to clean vape tank and coil?

Lets start with how to clean vape tank: 

Before starting with the actual clean-up process, make sure to remove any juice or flavor that is left in your vape. The excess juice can be removed by pouring it out.

Then start by disassembling your tank and removing the coil. Make sure you pay attention while doing this because you will need to assemble the tank again. While disassembling your tank, some parts might be hard to unscrew or disassemble, so be careful!

Lastly, remove the coil. The coil is a small device mostly made up of wires and wicks. There will also be some type of absorbent material attached to the coil, most likely cotton. Dispose of the coil (we will discuss cleaning coils in a moment).

How to clean vape tank and coil?
How to clean vape tank and coil?

From here you can either:

1. Place the parts into a bowl that is filled with warm water to let it soak
2. Rinse the parts under a tap at low heat

If your device is somewhat more dirty than usual, you can always use some dish soap to ensure that the parts have a more polished look after the wash.

When the parts are thoroughly washed, you can dry them off by using a paper towel and then leaving them to air-dry afterwards. Only assemble the parts and attach the tank to the mods if the parts are dry with no excess water left.

A few tips for when you want to clean those extra dirty spots:

1. Use vodka to clean the tank. Vodka doesn’t only make amazing cocktails, but it is also an effective way to clean your tank and rid it of any unwanted taste. Dampen a paper towel with vodka and scrub the parts. After you have done this, you can rinse it off with water and let it air-dry.

2. Another method is to soak the parts in propylene glycol (‘PG’). Fill a bowl with the PG and leave your vape soaking in the liquid for a while. After the parts are clean, leave them on a paper towel to air-dry.

3. You can also use normal household products to clean your tank. Baking soda is highly effective as a cleaning agent. Vinegar is also used to clean many appliances. Just make sure to rinse all the vinegar off of the parts, otherwise, the smell will linger.

How to clean vape coil: 

There are 2 types of coils, rebuildable coils and replaceable coils.

Rebuildable coils require the user to install and wick the coil themselves.
Replaceable coils (coil heads for tanks) are encased in a small metal chamber containing absorbent wick and, as the name suggests, the user only needs to replace the head every 3 – 4 weeks.

How to clean vape tank and coil?
How to clean vape tank and coil?

Let’s start with cleaning rebuildable coils:

1. Start by removing the wicks from the coil.
2. Dry burn your coils slightly; don’t burn them too much (don’t let them glow too much.)
3. Remove the atomizer from the mod and place it under running water.
4. Now you can brush it with a toothbrush or clean with a coil-cleaning tool (you can even use dish soap if needed.)
5. Rinse again.
6. Dry burn your coils once again to remove any left over droplets of water.

You might notice your vape’s performance dropping if you only keep cleaning the coils. It might lack in flavor and doesn’t seem to make big clouds like it used to, this might be a sign that it’s time to rebuild your atomizer.

Cleaning replaceable coils:

1. Start by leaving your coil head in vinegar, ethanol or cheap vodka to soak for a couple of hours.
2. Place it under running water and rinse.
3. Rinse once again with distilled water.
4. Blow air through the open side of your coil, to force left over water through the wicking holes.
5. Set the coil aside until all the water has evaporated.

A replaceable coil can be replaced every 3 – 4 weeks to ensure that your vape is performing as desired.


Ensuring that the parts are clean and in a good condition is a critical part of being a vape owner. Who wouldn’t want to taste the vibrant flavors or enjoy the thick smoke clouds? By maintaining these parts, you will ensure maximum performance by your vape.

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