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How to Steep E-juice?

How to Steep E-juice?

There are procedures of effectively steeping, and the purpose of this article is to help you to steep e-juice with so much ease. But, first, let define what steeping is.

How to Steep E-juice?
How to Steep E-juice?

Steeping: this term in the vape circle defines the procedure of allowing your e-juice to age so that it can have more flavor. Time is of the essence in this whole process, as the flavor gets better when e-juice has been allowed to sit for long. In addition to the fact that the ingredients (VG/PG, nicotine, and flavorings) in the e-juice blend better, it also enables any trace of alcohol to evaporate.

Why should you steep e-juice?

You might ask yourself this question and wonder why the manufacturers wouldn’t do it themselves before putting the product into the market. The truth is that some juice out there has been steeped, because they may have spent time in the shelves of the stores, so comes out steep, but, when you order a fresh e-juice, it needs steeping to get it to it best form for consumption. And the product with all its ingredients becomes wholly blended and the flavors and the pleasant smell more apparent.

How to Steep E-juice?

The Procedures to Steep E-juice

You would begin by making sure that you place your e-liquid bottle in a suitable place, preferably, a cool and dark cupboard, drawer, or anyplace that is only accessible to you. Let the bottle sit for a long time, as steeping usually takes a lot of time to execute, then shake the bottle at regular interval to help speed up the process.

Although steeping takes time, it is also important to know that the amount of time given is relative and depends on the individual involved. Some would leave the e-juice to sit for a week or so, while others will let it sit for a month. But, there is one thing that all should pay attention to: when you observe that the color of the juice is slightly darker, then your e-juice has already started steeping- the whole process is to get the optimal flavor from the e–juice. But, we would also look at ways to make your steeping process faster and better.

Some e-juice, like the fruity flavors, always requires a shorter time to steep, while the creamy and tobacco juice would take more time to steep (two weeks or more).

There are usually ways of speeding up your e-juice if you can’t go through the time of steeping for a long time. Below are ways you could steep e-juice for a shorter period.

5 Effective Ways to Steep E-juice Faster

These processes are better ways of steeping for a shorter period, especially, if you are bothered with the time required to steep, so, here are few ways of doing so:

  • Bathing: get a sink, fill it with water that is comfortable for your hands, place the bottle that contains the e-juice inside and allow the water to the rest. This process is natural and time effective.
How to Steep E-juice?
How to Steep E-juice?
  • Use an ultrasonic cleaner: this is only possible if you have an ultrasonic cleaner- this tool can be used to steep the juice faster. Fil up the ultrasonic cleaner with warm water, and make sure that the waves of this tool send vibration over your juice- this would effectively mix the molecules properly.
  • Use magnetic stirrer: this process would serve someone that is making a DIY juice, better. Just fill a big glass container with your e-juice and put it on top the magnetic stirrer and observe the beauty of science.
  • Make use of a slow cooker: less heat is provided consistently for a period. Set your slow cooker at the lowest temperature possible then fill it up with water and set the e-juice, which has been placed inside a bag inside the slow cooker. Make sure the slow cooker is shaken at a periodic interval.
  • Seed steep your juice: this is done by mixing an already steep juice, with an un-steep juice, this would fasten the process of steeping the e-juice of your choice.


We do encourage you to speed e-juice, but would warn that you can’t just use any process seen online: such as using a microwave- the heat produced cannot be easily controlled for effective steeping. Steeping would provide that final magical touch to an e-juice bought from the shelves, or made by yourself and it would give that flavor needed to provide you with the best experience ever.

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