Hugsvape Ring Lord Mesh RTA Preview | The Tornado Airflow Is Back!

Hugsvape Ring Lord Mesh RTA Preview

Hugsvape Ring Lord Mesh RTA Preview

Hugsvape is back with a new version of the Ring Lord RDA, the first atomizer featuring a tornado airflow tube. Based on the original design of this RDA, the vape company just released a new RTA version, the Hugsvape Ring Lord Mesh RTA. This comes with a 2 ml capacity that can be extended to 5 ml thanks to the bulb glass tube included in the packaging. The tank features a single coil post-less clamp deck, similar from the RDA version, but in this occasion, specially designed for mesh coils.

Hugsvape Ring Lord Mesh RTA
Hugsvape Ring Lord Mesh RTA

It also utilizes the round airflow on top of the coil, also called the tornado airflow. This airflow is connected to bottom airflow system. The tank also features easy top refilling.

Unboxing and price point

Now that we know the main features of this RTA, it’s time to unbox it! Hugsvape included a lot of extras in the packing which is always great. The pack comes with the Hugsvape Ring Lord Mesh RTA, 2 mesh wires, a bag with extra o-rings, screws and tools, 4 cotton wicks, 1 extra bubble glass for 5 ml capacity and a user manual in English.

All that for $30-35 in most online vape stores. The device is only available in black and stainless steel at the moment. But expect to see more colour options if the tank succeeds.

The machining and build quality of the Hugsvape Ring Lord Mesh RTA really stand out from others. Made in Stainless Steel, the tank is 26 mm in diameter and 29 mm at the bubble glass. It fits 5 ml with the bubble glass and 2 ml with the straight glass, which is around the average for this type of RTAs.

The threads are smooth, and the airflow control ring has just enough resistance to move easily but not on its own. There’s no fancy filling mechanism here, just a quarter turn to remove the top for filling. The filling ports are big enough to get the job done.

Hugsvape Ring Lord Mesh RTA
Hugsvape Ring Lord Mesh RTA

The tank breaks down into the build deck that incorporates the bottom airflow, the tornado air tube to hit the coils with many micro holes, the pyrex glass tube, the chimney, the top cap and the 810 trip tip.

The Tornado Airflow

The tank has a very innovative golden plated airflow that hits the coil from a 180-degree angle to enhance the flavour. This is by far the biggest strength of this RTA. The mesh coils are really easy to install thanks to the clamp design. Although the deck is designed for mesh coils, building any other regular single coil in this RTA would not be a problem.

There is plenty of room for any other type of build! The only challenge with this atomizer could be wicking it correctly when not using the mesh coils as the draining slots are quite big. So make sure you use enough cotton or the tank will leak!

Hugsvape Ring Lord Mesh RTA
Hugsvape Ring Lord Mesh RTA

Hugsvape Ring Lord Mesh RTA Pros & Cons


  • The flavour of the tornado airflow
  • Plenty of room to build and play around


  • The atomizer is quite big and too tall in length (50.3 mm)
  • The aesthetics of the atomizer could be more attractive (especially from the outside)


The Hugsvape Ring Lord Mesh RTA can be the tank you are looking for you if you are an experienced vaper. Especially if you’re looking for something to have fun with. The tornado airflow can deliver optimal flavour if you know how to do things correctly and you don’t mind having a tight draw. We would not recommend this for newbies as there are more user-friendly options.

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