How to Identify a Fake Electronic Cigarette


With electronic cigarette getting wid1ely accepted, you might find that there are so many e-cig brands in the market that it is hard to choose from, especially when you order online, faced with the risk of buying a fake e-cigarette. In order to help you avoid spending your hard-earned money on those imitation electronic cigarette devices, here we sum up several tips to identify the fake e-cigs.

1. Ridiculous Cheap Price

It is understandable that you wan to buy a good e-cig device at an affordable price. But when you search a brand of e-cigarette you want to buy, if the prices vary considerably, you have to be careful. Generally, most e-cig brands have an official website that you can get the prices of their vape products. So if you know the official price is around $80 and then you find one online charged for $20, it is no doubt a fake. Nowadays, it’s quite common for some unscrupulous traders to purchase counterfeit products at far cheaper prices from some manufacturers and then label them exactly like the real ones. So please do keep in mind that an electronic cigarette with a ridiculous cheap price, it could probably be a fake.

2. View Packaging
Most well-regarded electronic cigarette manufacturers usually provide exquisite gift boxes to make their products look more upscale. So you should receive your e-cigarette and all the components perfectly fitted in a branded gift box. If it comes with a poor packaging, for example, your e-cig is casually put together in a box, then it is likely a fake e-cig.
3. Check Brand Marks/Serial Numbers
As we know, almost every genuine product will be marked with the manufacturers brand and a traceable serial number. There is no difference in electronic cigarette industry. These marks stand for the authenticity and quality of the branded e-cig manufacturers. Imagine what company would like to bear the loss of being counterfeited? None. So if the e-cigarette you purchased has no any identifying marks or serial numbers, it is probably a fake e-cig.
4. Inspect the Product Quality
Undoubtedly, product quality is the most common complaint we often hear. A genuine e-cigarette will come with all parts that perfectly and smoothly fit together. And there will be no leakage of e-liquid. While a fake e-cig will have the issues of leaking atomizer, unfitted thread, slack buttons and so on. So please do inspect every part carefully when you receive your e-cigarette.
5. No Warranty or Guarantee
Usually the reputable e-cig distributors and manufacturers will off 7 or 30 days money back guarantee, which is a good way to reassure their customers that their products are authentic and reliable. In case you don’t know, Heaven Gifts is one of them, always providing genuine e-cig products. So if you find the e-cig that you are going to buy is lack of any real warranty or guarantee, please do not trust to luck, it’s most likely to be a fake. Obviously, most counterfeit electronic cigarette can’t be offered with a real guarantee since they are of poor quality.

The consequence of buying those cheap counterfeit electronic cigarettes is that you are at the risk of health damage. And they also cause a bad influence on the e-cig market, making some consumes get back to smoke again after experiencing bad vaping via fake e-cigs. So please pay attention and keep the above tips in mind when you purchase your e-cigarette devices. Let’s say no to fakes.



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