iJoy Avenger 270 234W Voice Control Starter Kit Review

iJoy Avenger 270 234W Voice Control Starter Kit

Here’s a look at an interesting kit recently released from iJoy that sports a rather familiar theme and at least one unique feature we’ve yet to see in pretty much any mods out there. It’s called the iJoy Avenger 270 234W Voice Control Starter Kit and if you haven’t guessed it already by the name it rocks a Marvelous Avengers-ish theme, not only that it’s got voice activated controls. Here are my honest thoughts on the iJoy Avenger 270.

iJoy Avenger 270 Package Contents:

  • 1*(234W)
  • 2* 20700 BATTERIES
  • 1* 18650 Adapter
  • 1* X3-Mesh Coil (Mesh coil, Wood pulp+cotton, 0.15ohm, 40-90W Pre-installed)
  • 1* X3-C1S Coil (Wood pulp+cotton,0.35ohm 40-80W)
  • 1* Replacement Glass
  • 1 *Tool pack
  • 1* USB Cable
  • 1* Manual
  • 1* Warranty Card

iJoy Avenger 270 Features and Specs:

  • Voice control
  • Max Wattage: 234W
  • Compact and portable
  • Bright and big size screen
  • No overhang with 30mm tanks
  • Dual 20700 batteries Box Mod (batteries included)
  • 18650 battery fit with adapter
  • Personalized design, with a unique experience
  • NI/TI/SS temperature control
  • TCR function
  • Unique Custom User Mode
  • Resistance Range: 0.05~3.0 ohm
  • USB port charging support
  • Firmware Upgradeable

The Mod:

Body, 510 and Batteries:

iJoy Avenger 270 234W Voice Control Starter Kit

The iJoy Avenger 270 is a dual 20700 mod that also supports 18650 batteries with the included adapter sleeve. The kit includes two iJoy 20700 so it’s pretty much ready to go right out of the box. It comes in a variety of colours that all kind of relate back to particular characters from the suggested themes universe. I know borrowed themes like these can often be a bit controversial but I think iJoy did a good job keeping it innocuous enough that it shouldn’t irk too many people. I myself am a bit of a superhero fan and I quite enjoy the clean and colourful theme that they’ve applied. They don’t list the material it’s made of but it feels like a zinc alloy with some plastic features. The battery compartment is on the bottom and flips open with a little slide to lock it in place. It’s nice and firm and the battery door is marked well enough for positive and negative. No vent holes that I can see though which is a bit of a concern. It’s fairly compact for being a dual 20700 mod at roughly 90mm tall and 50mm wide so it’ll support atomizers up to 30mm without overhang. It has a slightly protruding stainless steel 510 connection that feels solid and the threads are smooth but because it just slightly protrudes none of your atomizers will sit perfectly flush. I suppose it saves the paint job but I know some people just can’t abide a gap. It also has what looks like a gold plated spring loaded 510 center pin but for some reason it’s fairly small and slightly rounded.

Screen, Buttons and Connection:

The Avenger sports a big bright colourful screen which I believe is 1.3″. It’s easy to read and has some really interesting stuff going on with it. The wattage is for the most part at the top of the screen with the current mod listed just below it. The next row down on the left it shows the current puff count, in the center is shows the fired voltage and on the right it shows the resistance of your coil. There’s a pulse traveling across the screen that looks like a heart beat reading on an EKG that changes colour as it loops around. At the very bottom of the screen in contrast to the Avengers theme there is a sports car and the two wheels act as dual battery indicators while a growing racing stripe shows the puff length. It’s a bit to take in at first but you quickly adjust to it.

iJoy Avenger 270 234W Voice Control Starter Kit

For buttons it’s got two somewhat hidden adjustment button on the face just below and on either side of the screen. It’s actually a one piece rocker style bar that’s made of a translucent plastic that lets LED lights of different colour shine through when the device is being fired or the light show is in effect. The bar itself rattles a bit and feels loose in the face but it’s not really noticeable unless you’re looking for it. The fire button is hidden on the left side or what some people call a fire bar, just squeeze the device and it fires. It feels solid with no rattle whatsoever. Near the very bottom of the face is a micro USB port which can be used for both charging and firmware updates.

Usage, Functions and Performance:

The iJoy Avenger 270 boasts some rather interesting features like voice control which they state will “bring you the first “AI” Vape Mod”. AI I suppose referring to artificial intelligence but it’s not like it can think for itself, instead it will accept a handful of voice commands which it does surprisingly well. You first get it’s attention like most voice control things these days by saying ‘Hello iJoy’ which then puts it in to a listening state for 6 seconds. You can then give it a number of commands like lock device, change color, auto power, light off, unlock device, music light, romantic light, turn on light, auto watt, power low and power high. It listens and responds surprisingly well but I found I rarely if ever used it, mostly for the fact I couldn’t remember the wording of the commands as simple as they are. I suppose auto power and auto watt could be counted as a sort of intelligence as it tries to adjust the power/wattage to an appropriate level should you have recently changed atomizers.

Much of the rest of the operation of the mod is pretty standard with five clicks of the fire button to turn it on and off and three clicks to enter the main menu. In the menu you have options for Power Mode, Temp Control Mode, LED light settings, Power mode settings, TCR settings and system settings. In LED light settings you can chose the colour of the LEDS as well as select the sound mode settings as the lights are sound reactive, you can also turn them off completely if LED lights aren’t your thing. Under Power mode settings you can chose Normal, Hard, Soft or USER which refers to how it fires in Power mode. If you select normal it fires at the wattage selected, if you select Hard it fires 30% higher then your selected wattage, if you select Soft it fires 20% below the selected wattage and in USER you can set your own curve via six adjustable columns. Each one representing a portion of time however it’s not clear how much time nor do you have access to the full scale of watts, instead it has some odd increments which vary depending on what your current wattage is set to. Under TCR settings you can set your desired TCR values if the defaults don’t work for you(hint: they won’t!). Under System settings you can reset the puff count, set the screen timeout and also turn voice control on or off.

iJoy Avenger 270 also supports temperature control but in my testing and according to most reviews I’ve checked out it doesn’t work all that well. I believe most of the issues stem from the fact that it’s difficult to lock the actual resistance. I tested it out briefly but was met with less then desirable results as it burned every piece of cotton I subjected it to and I was never really able to lock the resistance. The new coil screen would sometimes pop up but it didn’t seem to matter what I’d do I couldn’t really get it to work. In power mode for the most part it works quite well but according to tests doesn’t quite hit the maximum wattage it claims. It does quite well under 150W though which is plenty enough for me. You can check out the more technical reviewers out their for more detailed specs.

The Tank:

The tank that comes with the kit is called the iJoy Avenger Sub-ohm tank and it manages to continue the theme of the mod with it’s Averger-esque styling. It comes equipped with a metal iJoy emblazoned 810 drip that’s comfortable enough but tends to collect lip gunk since it’s made of metal. The tank is 25mm in diameter and fits the mod with plenty of room to spare. Like most tanks out there these days it comes packed with all the usual features like twist to open top fill, bottom adjustable airflow and a big chunky 810 drip tip. It’s made of stainless steel and comes with two different glass tanks, a bubble glass that holds 4.7ml and a straight glass that holds 3.2ml. The airflow control ring has stops at either end and is very firm so it’s not going to slide around on it’s own. As far as I’m concerned it’s a good looking and well made tank.

The Coils:

iJoy Avenger 270 234W Voice Control Starter Kit

The kit come with two different coils with one being an X-3 0.15ohm mesh coil and the other an X3-C1S 0.35ohm a more standard straight wire coil. Both coils use a combination of wood pulp and cotton and both perform pretty darn well. The mesh coil however out paces the non-mesh coil in nearly every regard producing significantly more vapour and more flavour. I don’t like to comment too much on longevity of coils as individual experiences may vary based on personal vaping habits, juice used and QC on the coils themselves but I haven’t had any complaints with either of the coils so far. I found the sweet spot for the mesh coil to be around 85w and for the non-mesh coil about 70w. Both coils are pretty thirsty and drink a lot of juice so keep that in mind if your juice budget is tight.


  • Looks
  • Build quality
  • Top fill
  • Juice capacity
  • Battery life
  • Performance in power mode
  • Flavour and vapour with mesh coil
  • Voice commands(a bit gimmicky but fun)


  • no vent holes
  • 510 leaves a gap
  • button rattle
  • unreliable temp control

iJoy Avenger 270 Final Thoughts:

I think iJoy did a pretty good job on this one, sure there are a few minor issues the biggest probably being the temp control but I personally vape mostly in power mode so it’s not really an issue for me. It’s a sharp looking mod with some fun and interesting features but it also performs like a hero.

Chris Sisson

Chris Sisson

After 26 years of smoking I made the switch to vaping and never looked back. Now with over 4 years of vaping experience and 3 years of reviews under my belt I’m a passionate and experienced vaper who loves to give back to the community.