IJOY Diamond VPC 45W Starter Kit Review

IJOY Diamond VPC 45W Starter Kit

In an ever evolving vape marketplace, vape companies are trying to implement products with new innovations to help their products stand above their competitors. The pod segment has been blowing up this past year with every manufacturer offering some kind of pod or AIO (all-in-one) device. So what does one do to make their device stand out from the pack? Enter the IJoy Diamond VPC 45W Starter Kit. Sure at first it looks like another compact stealth device… But wait, there’s more to this device than just small form factor.

Let’s get down to the cotton and coils and out what makes the IJoy Diamond VPC Starter kit so unique.

Diamond Bae Mod Specs

  • Size: 60 x 34 x 27.5mm
  • Battery: Built-in 1400mAh
  • Battery Type: 20350
  • Resistance Range: 0.05-3.0 ohm
  • Pod Mode(Adjust Voltage): 2.5V-3.8V
  • Power Mode(Adjust Power): 5-45W
  • Thread: 510 thread

IJOY Diamond VPC 45W Starter KitVPC Base/Pod Specs

  • Size: 19 x 41.2mm
  • e-Juice Capacity: 2ml
  • Resistance: 1.0ohm
  • Best Power: 10-15W
  • Thread: 510

IJOY Diamond VPC Kit Contents

  • 1x IJOY Diamond Bae Box MOD
  • 1x VPC Unipod
  • 1x VPC Adapter
  • 1x Lanyard
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Warranty Card

IJOY Diamond VPC 45W Starter Kit

Diamond Bae Mod

The Diamond Bae Mod continues with the diamond style theme we have seen in the recently released IJoy Diamond Mini kit.

Visually, the Diamond Bae looks like younger sibling of the Diamond Mini. The panels have multi faceted diamond shaped face plates on the front and back. The overall footprint of the mod is tiny, coupled with the glossy paint finish, the mod looks and feels luxurious.

IJOY Diamond VPC 45W Starter Kit

The side panel house a mini LCD screen, fire button and two additional buttons that control power +/- and menu functions. You can use the mod in a number of different modes: pod (voltage), power (wattage), Jewel, Myle and Juno. (more on those last three options later). Powering the Diamond Bae is an internal single 20350 battery rated at 1400 mAh. The 510 connector is spring loaded with ample throw to fit a variety of atomizers and tanks.

VPC Unipod System

Along with the Diamond Bae Mod, this starter kit includes the VPC Unipod system. It’s looks like an RDA base but it is actually the base for the pod system. After screwing the VPC Unipod Base on the mod, you can click in the pod section which secures via magnets. The ceramic coil in the VPC Unipod is rated at 1.0ohm and is compatible with both nicotine salts and CBD.

IJOY Diamond VPC 45W Starter KitNow for the key feature of the VPC Unipod system that I believe is a game changer. With an included adapter, you have the ability to use Juul, Myle or Juno style pods on this device! I know! Mind blown right? To do this, you slide the adapter onto the Unipod base, pop that Juul coil on this bad boy, Boom! Easy does it. You’re vaping a Juul pod.

IJOY Diamond VPC 45W Starter Kit Performance

So how has my experience with the Diamond Bae been? When I first took the device out of the box, my first thoughts were that my wife would really like this device. It was small, super cute and had the diamond faced styling. Having used the device for almost a week now, I found that I was using the device more and more each day. I’ll tell you why.

The Diamond Bae mod packs a huge punch in such a small footprint. This tiny sucker can power up to 45 watts! The form factor in the hand is nice and its not too tall with either the Unipod or another tank on top. I was using the mod with some drippers and tanks and had myself a super stealth cloud machine! With only 1400mAh on top though, I did end up draining the battery quite fast pushing the higher wattage. With the included Unipod, I was only pushing 11 watts, at this power, the battery lasted a full day of usage.

IJOY Diamond VPC 45W Starter Kit

As for the performance of the Unipod, with the included ceramic coil, it was just okay for me. 
 In my opinion, the flavor wasn’t as good as other comparable pod systems. I tried a number of different salt nic and also freebase juices and it was always just okay. I also experienced the coil flooding a lot. I’d say like every 5 or 6 hits, I’d get a little shot of juice shoot into my mouth and then I could hear the airflow holes clogged. Blowing into the mouthpiece cleared this up.

There is no adjustable airflow, with the draw being closer to tighter side, as there are just two small holes on the side of the Unipod. It is definitely more for the MTL vapers, but you can DTL hit it as well. Just don’t expect to blow hella clouds yo. I also found the pod section didn’t sit tight in the Unipod base. It wiggles around a lot and isn’t locked in place.

The saving grace of this starter kit has to be the Unipod adapter that allows you to run other pods with this kit. The pods fit into the adapter nice and snug, and with the mod set at the right mode (Jewel, Myle, Juno) they vape pretty close to what you would expect from those devices. It’s a fantastic feature of the Unipod that I think a lot of vapers will find appealing.

IJOY Diamond VPC 45W Video Review


All in all I have more pros with this kit than cons. I’m think the Diamond Bae is a great little mod. It’s stylish, compact, packs some heat and works flawlessly. Battery life when using pods is phenominal, not so much with higher power tanks or RDAs.

I wasn’t really too impressed with the ceramic coil that came with the VPC Unipod. Another con was that they only provided one coil. What if the coil you received in the kit was a dud? SOL son! I wish they included two with the kit.

The fact that you can use 3rd party coils would be in my opinion one of the main reasons to pick this kit up. If you already use a Juul, Myle or Juno pod and enjoy the vape, using them on the Diamond Bae increases your battery life approximately 7 times! It’s so good!

In closing, I’d recommend the IJoy Diamond VPC Starter kit, just don’t use the included coil. Run your own tank or RDA, or use the adapter and use the 3rd party pods.

What are your thoughts on the IJoy Diamond VPC Starter kit? Would you pick this kit up because it allows you to use 3rd part pods? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comment section below.

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