IJoy Diamond VPC Kit Preview

IJoy Diamond VPC Kit Preview


Hello dear vapers, today we are going to take a look at the IJoy Diamond VPC Kit, an exquisite and compact kit consisting of a Diamond Bae box MOD and a VPC Unipod cartridge.

Over the course of the last two years, a popular trend has taken the world by storm. This trend was born from the creation of Nicotine Salt e-liquid. Pod kits, low wattage and mouth to lung starter kits are dominating the market.

These devices are not only being grabbed up by new vapers. Seasoned vapers are also finding their way into the world of small MTL devices. Paired up with Nic Salt eliquid, the satisfaction that can be achieved is incomparable.

Pod systems allow for a very high amount of nicotine to be used but do not produce as much vapor so the intense effects are not experienced by the vaper. Overall, pod systems are here to stay for the long term.

There is not much innovation left in the world of pod systems but one company is going to offer the best of both worlds in one complete package.

IJoy Diamond VPC Kit

IJoy is back again wit the Diamon VPC Starter kit which offers both nic salt capability as well as direct to lung vaping all in one.

Stick around to find out about this new, innovative device.

IJoy Diamond VPC Kit Specs

IJOY Diamond Bae Box MOD

  • Size: 60 x 34 x 27.5mm
  • Battery: Built-in 1400mAh
  • Battery Type: 20350
  • Resistance Range: 0.05-3.0 ohm
  • Pod Mode(Adjust Voltage): 2.5V-3.8V
  • Power Mode(Adjust Power): 5-45W
  • Thread: 510 thread

IJoy Diamond VPC Kit

VPC Unipod

  • Size: 19 x 41.2mm
  • e-Juice Capacity: 2ml
  • Resistance: 1.0ohm
  • Best Power: 10-15W
  • Thread: 510

Special Features

  • Multi-faced diamond cutting technology
  • Tiny size for easy carrying
  • Built-in 1400mAh battery with 45W
  • USB port charging support
  • Unipod compatible with most box MODs
  • Side refill system
  • Ceramic coil for nic salt and CBD

IJoy Diamond VPC Kit Packing List

  • IJOY Diamond Bae Box MOD
  • VPC Unipod
  • VPC Adapter
  • Lanyard
  • USB Cable
  • Manual
  • Warranty Card

IJoy Diamond VPC Kit

IJoy Diamond VPC Kit First Impressions

One thing that can be said for sure is that IJOY always does a really great job with the visual design. The aesthetics of their box mods always stand out, especially the diamond series of mods.

This mod is no exception. The IJoy Diamon VPC kit features sharp, curvy and diamond-like edges on all sides giving it quite the prestigious look.

Color options are always nice to have and luckily IJOY is offering up ten different colors to suit any style. Mirror Green, Mirror Blue, Mirror Purple, Mirror White, Mirror Orange, Mirror Black, Mirror Rainbow, Mirror Red, Mirror SS and Mirror Pink.

IJoy Diamond VPC Kit

IJoy Diamond VPC Kit

The Diamond as you can see has a mirror finish but also nice glossy accents all over to make the device really shimmer. The screen on the Diamond is a nice bright LED which should provide some nice clarity in variable light situations.

No need to worry about batteries with the Diamond VPC as it ships with an internal battery with 1400mAh capacity. This size battery will be more than enough to last a few days if just vaping nic salts in low wattage since most pod systems have less than 500mAh and can last quite a while.

The Diamon is capable of 10-15W when vaping nic salts but when the pod is changed for DTL vaping it can achieve up to 45w of power.

Overall, the box seems to be basic in function yet stands out with its sharp design. The UniPod is really what makes this kit interesting.

IJoy Unipod Tank System

This is where the magic happens with this kit. The Unipod look like, at first glance, a normal tank but it is anything but.

The Unipod is actually two pieces, the base and the actual cartridge. When users want to install the pod they simply just slip it onto the Unipod adapter and then place it into the unipod base which is screwed into the 510 of the device.

IJoy Diamond VPC Kit

The Cartridge has the shape of a normal tank body and contains the coil as well as the drip tip. This could prove to be a bit wasteful, as it seems like its just a disposable tank of sorts but the concept is still really interest ing, potentially leading to disposable tanks.

There are two coil/cartridge types for the Unipod, one is for Salt Nic vaping while the other is capable of direct to lung high vapor production vaping. Offering both Nic Salt and regular vaping all in one is a major selling point, especially for people who might carry multiple devices on them when out and on the go.

To keep things clean the cartridges are able to be filled from the side rather than the bottom or top which almost always seems to lead to leaking.

Overall, this design is fantastic and the combination of two forms of vaping is a real winner.

IJoy Diamond VPC Kit Video


The IJoy Diamon VPC kit could be a bit gimmicky but the design and overall function of the entire sytem is nice in a way. It is said to be quite small but from the images it would appear to be more medium sized but still pocketable.

For Nic Salt vapers who still DTL vape this device could be something to consider adding to the collections to make vaping simpler.

Great work IJoy, it’s nice to see some new innovation coming our way.

John Pietersma

John Pietersma

I am John Pietersma, a 30-year-old husband and father of three children. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I have vaped and built coils for four years. I am very passionate about vaping and writing product reviews for everyone to read.