iJoy SHOGUN UNIV 180W TC Starter Kit Review | Better than the Drag V2?

iJoy SHOGUN UNIV 180W TC Starter Kit Review

iJoy SHOGUN UNIV 180W TC Starter Kit Review

Well, when I knew the iJOY SHOGUN UNIV 180W TC Kit was being delivered for review, I actually got really excited as I’d seen the previews and thought it looked absolutely amazing, and well, I wasn’t disappointed because it’s absolutely gorgeous. I have the Red Copper Splendor colorway and the brushed copper with patterned resin is just lovely.

iJoy SHOGUN UNIV 180W TC Starter Kit Review
iJoy SHOGUN UNIV 180W TC Starter Kit

The iJoy SHOGUN UNIV 180W Packaging List

The first thing that struck me as it was delivered is that the packaging is huge. But as quite a few companies are doing now, it comes as an individual mod and tank all put together in one larger box. With the box mod you get a USB cable and manual, and then in the tank box, there’s the installed coil, a spare, a straight glass (there’s a bubble glass installed) and then the usual spare o-rings and seals.

The iJoy SHOGUN UNIV 180W Rundown

The vape mod takes two 18650 batteries and fires up to a maximum output of 180W, which is plenty for most users, even if you’re running an RDA with a crazy build in it.

The new UNIV chipset is definitely a huge improvement over previous iJoy offerings, while I’ve liked their products for a while now, they always seem to drain batteries really quickly and I don’t have this problem with this device at all.

It has the usual TCR modes, and even a POD setting for super low power, which while is definitely on trend this year, I’m not sure pod users would want a huge dual 18650 mod, and it seems a strange choice to me.

iJoy SHOGUN UNIV 180W TC Starter Kit Review
iJoy SHOGUN UNIV 180W TC Starter Kit

The vape mod itself feels great in the hand, very well made, if a little bulky, but the cold metal against the resin is a lovely combination with a nice weight to it. I have a couple of small moans with the mod. The first would have to be the screen. It feels very dated at the moment with the gorgeous large colorful screens that companies are putting out recently, and my other would be the battery choice. A device with this bulk feels like it should be taking 20700s which would give a far better life.

The iJoy SHOGUN UNIV 180W Coil Performance

There is not really a lot I can say about the tank that hasn’t been said about Ijoy tanks for the last 6 months. They are all just slight variations on each other, and while that isn’t really a bad thing, I just would like some more innovation.

Both coils are meshed with the pre-installed one being a 0.15 ohm best between 40-80W and I found it perfect at 55W, great flavor and cloud production and lasted me a week using it all day every day with very sweet juice.

iJoy SHOGUN UNIV 180W TC Starter Kit Review

The other coil in the box is again 0.15 ohm and best between 40-80W. But this one I felt didn’t have quite the same output. I was using this at 45W as anything higher felt a little harsh and ever so slightly burnt, but at a lower wattage, the flavor was good, if not perfect.

The top fill is what we’re used to now, with a small arrow telling us where to push, you simply slide the top over a little and open up a large slot to fill.

The iJoy SHOGUN UNIV Pros & Cons


  • Great looks, just absolutely gorgeous
  • Superb build quality
  • Accurate wattage mode
  • Clean menu system
  • Quick firing Mod
  • Fits in the hand very well
  • Very simple to use with great output
  • UNIV chipset a huge upgrade with great battery life
  • Affordable price


  • A bit bulky compared to some other dual 18650 mods

iJoy SHOGUN UNIV 180W TC Starter Kit Video


So all-in-all the iJoy SHOGUN UNIV 180W TC Starter Kit is a lovely mod and tank combo. I would definitely recommend it for a new vaper. It’s very easy to set up and get going, with no difficult menus to navigate and the price isn’t too shabby either. With a few tweaks this could easily have become my new all day vape. Cheers for reading guys, I’ll be back again soon with another review! Thanks for reading!

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