Joyetech Batpack Kit Review

Joyetech Batpack Kit
Hello there. Have you ever forgotten to charge your vape batteries and wished you could use the batteries in your electric shaver in the bathroom to power your vape and get some nicotine? Well, wish no longer because Joyetech has created the Batpack which utilizes AA batteries to power a low voltage tank and vape nic salts and today we are gonna be taking a look at the Joyetech Batpack Kit.

Joyetech Batpack Kit Packaging

The Joyetech Batpack comes in a small black box with a picture of the Batpack on the front in the color you have. “AA” battery stickers on the front will indicate that it comes with batteries included. The back of the sleeve has a contents list and states that it was designed in Switzerland. Slip the sleeve off and your looking at a black box that simply says Joyetech. Pull the top off and your presented with your Joyetech Batpack and a spare coil. Lift up the tray and you find the user manual, warranty card, spare o-rings for the tank.

Joyetech Batpack Kit

Eco D16 Tank

The Batpack comes with a tank specially designed for the mod. The coils are made to work with the AA battery power source. The tank has a 2ml liquid capacity and top airflow which I’m a huge fan of because it prevents leaking. It has a narrow bore drip tip and at the base is two holes where air enters the tank. Unscrewing the top cap will allow you to fill the D16 and the glass is held place while the top is removed by an o-ring that says “stay calm vape on” which I thought the spare oring was a tiny vape band at first. The BFHN 0.5 ohm coils are very unique. They are long and narrow and if you look at the top you can see four airflow channels that allow air to move down to the coil and come back up the chimney as vapor. The coils are designed for thinner liquid and nicotine salts like 50/50 type ejuice. There is no airflow adjustment for the tank and it has a very tight mtl vape.

Joyetech Batpack Mod

The Joyetech Batpack is a dual battery mod but not the usual type of batteries for a mod. The Batpack is the first mod that I know of to be powered by AA batteries. The mod will output 1.85 volts of power until the batteries can’t deliver enough power and it cuts off. It comes packaged with two rechargeable batteries to get you started but in a pinch you could use the AA batteries out of your TV remote if necessary but you will get less battery life than proper rechargeable batteries. This makes the mod extremely useful in any situation like travel or camping or any situation where bringing 18650‘s and a charger isn’t ideal. On the side of Batpack is a notch in the lower corner the allows you to remove the side panel to get to the battery tray where positive and negative are clearly marked. The Batpacks function is simple too. Five clicks will turn it on and five clicks to turn it off and that’s it. The simple operation and mtl draw will make it a good device for smokers trying to quit or anyone needing a stealth nic salt setup. As you would expect it has safety precautions built-in like short circuit, 15 timeout, and low voltage cutoff. On the top beside the 510 is a small light bar to give you an idea of your battery life. The light stays lit after for a few seconds after you take a puff of the battery is fully charged and flashes more and more as the battery depletes to where it flashes frequently right before it shuts off.

Joyetech Batpack Kit Performance

Vaping on a Joyetech Batpack is a very tight mtl draw. It’s kinda similar to nic salt pod systems for its size and vaping style but having replaceable batteries and an actual tank that the coil can be changed puts this device in its own category. With 50/50 nic salts juice I got good flavor and small clouds. The light vapor production and tiny size of the mod makes it a great discreet or travel setup. The size of the mod is just a tiny bit bigger than two AA batteries and the whole setup can be hidden in your palm. Coil life will depend on your juice but I’ve vaped 35ml and the original coil is still going. Battery life is going to depend on how often you’re vaping of course but with the included batteries, I can get a whole day out of it. You’re vaping time may very thou if you are using the batteries from your TV remote.

Joyetech Batpack Kit Video Review 

Joyetech Batpack Kit Conclusion

The Joyetech Batpack is one tiny and special setup for sure. No other vape set up can this level of ease when it comes to finding power for your mod. “AA” batteries can be found everywhere but it would be expensive to run thru disposable batteries as a power supply. I think it makes this great as a travel vape or backup stealth salt nic vape but probably not you’re main set up unless nic salts are your main vaping style. I prefer RTAs as my main vape and save the nic salts for days I’m stuck in the office at work and want to limit my clouds and the Joyetech Batpack is perfect for days like that.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back soon with more reviews.

Daniel Marcus

Daniel Marcus

Daniel Marcus is an vape reviewer, vape photographer and coil builder. After smoking for 16 years, got a vape just because I couldn’t smoke in the company car and ended up quitting smoking without even trying. After seeing how effective vaping can be, I’ve spent the past two years trying to help new vapers with beginner problems do they don’t get frustrated and smoke again I’ve written reviews for over a year now. I’ve lived in wv all of my life and like taking vape pictures with a nature backdrop.