Joyetech Ocular: When an iPod Meet Vape Gear…


In 2016 we witnessed all sort of innovations in the vape industry, but just when we thought we’ve seen it all… Boom! The leading manufacturer Joyetech releases a new box mod that will remind us of an iPod.

Ocular and Ocular C are two highly innovative mods for all you vape gadget lovers. We are pleased to show you the new box mods by Joyetech.

These two offerings from Joyetech bring to market some very unique features. Both of these feature a large touchscreen display, an MP3 player, photo library and a pedometer. Looking at the MP3 and Photo Gallery feature your files can easily be transferred via Bluetooth  via computer or smart phone app. Ocular has a memory ram of 2GB. Get ready for your viewing and listening pleasure while blowing some thick clouds! Music playback is via 3.5mm headphones (not included).

 Ocular vs Ocular C

As far as specifications go for the OCULAR C box mod, you can have variable wattage up to 150w. This device will read coils ranging from 0.05 – 1.5ohm in TC mode and temperatures of 100-315 and 200-600F for wattage and bypass mode 0.1 – 3.5ohm. Power is provide by two 18650 batteries (not included) and the OCULAR C is available in three popular colour choices of Black, Grey & Silver.

The OCULAR box mod offers all of the above specifications. However, this model provides up to 80w and it is powered by a built-in battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh. You can be sure of staying up to date with both models as they also allow for firmware to be upgraded. Both of these will look great in the hand with a similar design to the popular cuboid mod.

For those of you looking for something different from a popular manufacturer look no further! Ocular is a fun product to use and it gives you enough power to enjoy any of your tanks while listening to your favourite tunes and even browsing all of those vape selfies we love to take.

The addition of a pedometer is interesting feature as your favorite mod will always go in your hand or pocket. You can also be sure the build quality will be high as with all other Joyetech products.

You can pre order your Ocular and Ocular C now and get 30% off with code XMAS30 until Dec 3rd. Wholesale clients can also enjoy a 2.5% off discount now. First pre orders will be shipped out by December 15th. 



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