KIZOKU Kirin Mech Mod Kit Preview | First Mini Mech Mod for Disposable Tanks?!

The Kirin is the first vape kit launched by Kizoku

KIZOKU Kirin Mech Mod Kit

KIZOKU Kirin Mech Mod Kit Preview

The Japanese vaping brand Kizoku just launched their first vape kit, the Kizoku Kirin Mech Mod Kit! This is the first mech mod paired with a disposable vape tank which makes this kit very intriguing.

KIZOKU Kirin Mech Mod Kit
KIZOKU Kirin Mech Mod Kit

If you are familiar with mechanical mods, then you possibly know they are designed for RDAs. Sometimes you even get to see them paired with RDTAs (Geekvape), but this is the first time I get to see a mechanical mod that works with a disposable sub-ohm tank for mouth-to-lung vaping.

If you are also curious about this new vaping proposal by Kizoku, then you cannot miss this product preview! But before we get into more details, let me introduce you to Kizoku if you are still not familiar with this innovative brand.

Kizoku, A Vape brand With A Japanese Background


Kizoku is a relatively new company from Japan. Born in 2018, Kizoku first launched some vaping accessories such as the Atty Stand and the chess series drip tips. Both vaping accessories created a good impact in the vaping community for its originality.

Inspired by the Tetris game and designed by a popular Japanese designer, the Kizoku Atty Stand brought a new fun and cool way of organizing atomizers. This vape gadget consists of magnetized cubes that can be arranged any way you want to display your vape collection.

Kizoku Continued

Months later, Kizoku also launched the first chess drip tips. This accessory allows you to turn your atty collection into a vaping chess board by sitting the atomizers with the drip-tip chess figures on the atty stand. Checkmate!

Now Kizoku is launching their first vape gear. Interested in finding out more about the outcome? Let’s unbox the Kizoku Kirin Mech Mod kit then!

Unboxing the Kizoku Kirin Mech Mod Kit

The Kizoku Kirin MTL will have a retail price of $45 and it includes the following items:

  • The Kirin Tube Mod
  • The Tank with a 0.5Ω built-in coil
  • A Spare Tank (1.2 Ω)
  • A 18650 Tube Extension
  • And 18350 Battery
  • A Warranty Card
  • A User Manual

What’s new with the Kizoku Kirin Mech Mod Kit?

The Kizoku Kirin MTL is an interesting and unusual mech kit, so let’s list what makes this device special and unique:

  • The Kizoku tube is compatible with 18350 and 18650 batteries

KIZOKU Kirin Mech Mod
KIZOKU Kirin Mech Mod

Due to its super compact size (25mm in diameter and 87.8mm in lenght), including the atomizer Kirin. However, you can make it larger by adding to the mech tube the mod extension. By doing this, the Kizoku mech mod will be also good to use with traditional 18650 batteries. Nonetheless, the 18350 battery is included in the kit!

  • Disposable atomizer with built-in coils for both MTL and DL inhaling

Sounds weird, right? But this mechanical mod is actually paired with a disposable atomizer with built-in coils for MTL (1.2ohms) and DL (0.5ohms). This tiny tank is 24mm in diameter and it features a bottom filling with a silicone plug. The Kirin MTL tank has 2ml capacity and adjustable bottom airflow with 5 tiny airholes that provide a restrictive puff.

  • Innovative firing button

KIZOKU Kirin Mech Mod
KIZOKU Kirin Mech Mod

Mech mods usually have the fire bottom and the battery door. The Kizoku Kirin has a very original fire button, which is part of the mod body, right behind the atomizer. That makes me think that possibly this mod has some extra safety features as it could be a semi-mech mod. In any case, the fire button design aligned with those vent holes on both sides look absolutely terrific, don’t you think so?

First Impressions

Since I did not have time to try the KIZOKU Kirin Mech Mod Kit, I am only going to give you my first impressions on this products yet. As soon as I get to experience this device properly, I will write a full review. For now, I can only say that I absolutely love the design and compact size of this mod. I own some mech mods and they are heavy and bulky.

However, the Kizoku Kirin has great portability and it feels great in hands. If you have any question you would like me to answer in my next post on this product, please feel free to ask me in the comments down below. I will try to give a prompt answer to all your concerns on this product!

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