Kizoku Launches 3 New Devices at the IECIE in Shenzhen

The Kizoku Techmod, Unlimit and Limit Renaissance Edition Will be introduced in the Virtual Exhibition for those who cannot attend this year

Kizoku New Product Releases
Kizoku New Product Releases

The vape manufacturer Kizoku will introduce 2 new vape devices in the IECIE (International eCig Expo), which will take place between the 20th and the 22nd of August in Shenzhen.

The new edition will be different this year. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many international visitors won’t be able to attend to the largest vape exhibition (14 days quarentine in requiered when entering Chinese borders).  However, many brands will use the IECIE virtual platform to bring you the best experience possible from a safe and convenient distance.

Kizoku New Products
Kizoku New Products will be introduced in Shenzhen IECIE Expo

Kizoku will introduce the latest products they are launching this month: the Unlimit RTAthe Kizoku Techmod and the Limit Renaissance edition In addition, both online and offline visitors will be able to find out more about some other products from this Japanese brand such as the Kizoku Kirin Semi-Mech mod and the first edition of the Limit RTA.

How Can I Participate in the Live Events?

There are 2 possibilities for you to join live events:

  1. Go to the KIZOKU free ticket website and register by entering your information and click ENTER. After filling the information, you will receive your ticket number that will be used as the key to the Visual Expo. Go to the home page of IECIE Visual Expo and click ‘HALL’ on the sidebar. Now you only have to find KIZOKU by searching ‘KIZOKU’ in the search box. Don’t forget to add KIZOKU as your favorite by clicking the star!
  2. Additonally, Kizoku and some other brands will be live streaming on social media. Kizoku will have a daily show  from the 20th to the 22nd. Just follow Kizoku Official on Instagram.
Kizoku Streaming IECIE
Kizoku will be live streaming from IECIE in Shenzhen from 20-22 of August

Kizoku Techmod, Fancy Industrial Designs? 

Kizoku Techmod 80W
The Kizoku Techmod 80W is powered by a single 18650 battery

The Kizoku Techmod is the second mod released by Kizoku. After the successful design of the Kizoku Kirin Semi-mech mod earlier this year, this vape brand is hitting back with another single coil mod with a very unique industrial design. The Techmod will be availble by the end of this month in 4 different colors (gunmetal, white, black & gunmetal and black).

This device is able to reach a maximum output power of 80W and it has 4 working levels (VW, VV, TC and Bypass). Made in zinc alloy and stainless steel, the Techmod outstands for its ergonomic and original design.

This device is compatible with most existing tanks in the market (up to 24 mm in diameter). Tanks will be partially integrated in the body of the mod.

Kizoku TechMod Handcheck
Kizoku TechMod Handcheck

The chipset of the Kizoku Techmod has instant firing (0.001s) and multiple battery protections for your safety. It’s perfect for MTL RTAs, although you can always use it with subohm tanks and dual coil RTAs.  Do you fancy the industrial design of the Techmod?

Subohm or Dual RTA? Let’s Go Unlimited!

The Kizoku Unlimit is the latest tank by this brand. After releasing the popular and versatile Limit RTA for MTL, now it was turn for a RTA for cloud lovers.

Following the trend of the Limit RTA, the Unlimit also offers dual use: you can use it as a subohm tank with a replaceable mesh coil and you can also build your dual coils on a very comfortable postless deck.

Made in food grade 304 stainless steel, the Unlimit brings plenty of versatility. Not only because of the dual use I just mentioned, but also because of the dual airflow. This tank features both side and bottom airflow, top fill with 3.5 ml capacity and a super convenient snap ring for easy-access to your coils.

Renaissance: The Limit RTA With a Classic Touch!

Last but not least, Kizoku will introduce in the IECIE exhibition the new edition of the Limit MTL RTA. If you are a MTL lover, then you possibly know about this atomizer already: the first RTA that features dual use. You can use it with a single coil deck and with a pre made coil (0,7 ohm and 1.8 ohm). Read my article on the Limit RTA here.

Kizoku Techmod with Limit_RTA
The Kizoku Techmod with Limit_RTA and Limit RTA Renaissance Edition

The Renaissance Edition is the smartest version of the Limit RTA. Essencially, it is the same atomizer, but this time it comes in a stunning and stylish packaging with many accesories. The box includes the drip tip, a premade 0.7 mesh coil and extra tube made in PC materials, among other extras.

The Renaissance edition follows the child proof design and leak proof membrane of the Limit. But the Renaissance changed its apperance by adding a classic floral engraving. Add a classic touch and get some extras with the Renaissance Edition!

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