How to Make a Coil in Seven Steps With HeatVape Coiler


Even well-experienced vapers struggle sometimes when building the perfect coil for their rebuildable atomizers. HeatVape came up with a very easy tool to build a professional coil . Heatvape Coiler comes with can bring with you everywhere as it can also be used as your key ring.

In this How-to article and video we would like to show you how to make yours in only 7 easy steps.

1. Select the preferred diameter
2. Place the wire through the whole
3. Load the wire. About 8 inches per wire should be more than enough
4. Spin carefully so the wire does not overlap
5. Tighten the coil
6. Remove the coil and user tweezers to shape it
7. Cut off the extra wire

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Click here to watch the tutorial



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