What Motivates Us to Vape: Competition Between Tobacco and E-cigarette


Before we start with this topic, it’s necessary to mention the quit smoking cigarette. It is really an old topic may some of you feel bored to discuss. However, we notice every day still quite a lot people try to smoke and enable it a living habit. According to CDC, an estimated 42.1 million people, or 18.1% of adults in the United States smoke cigarettes. You probably know smoking is a leading cause of preventable death or the relationship between lung cancer and it. But did/do you know smoking is also link to cancer of throat, mouth, kidneys, and pancreas? Now you think about quitting or you just wanna re-quit it?

Aha, the “re” catches your eyes, right? If you tried quitting, you must know how hard it could be. Not about patient, not about persistent, not about determination… choosing the right way to achieve your goal is the key point.

But why do you crave for cigarettes? Definitely because of the nicotine. It quickly travels to your brain providing a relaxing feeling. Unfortunately this feeling only stays for a while. This physical addition is hard to tackle. That’s why smoking becomes a living habit.

Smoking undoubtedly is the prevalent way to fight stress when you are worried about work or your relationship because it gives you an easy relief. But in the long term, smoking only adds to your stress by taking away your good body condition.

For certain people, smoking is a kind of social behavior. For them, smoking during lunch breaks creates chances to talk with friends or co-workers so as to build nice relationships. Actually to quit also needs social support.  A preventive medicine study reveals 68 percent of smokers want to quit, and social support can be vital.

We not literally mean quit, not even spoke of giving up although it’s the best option for your health. Given to the three major reasons above, we encourage smokers to switch to vaping. Why?

Blow go the points:

  1. Controllable nicotine density. Vaping enables you reduce your nicotine dependency level step by step. At first stage, you can choose a high does nicotine juice. After your body becomes accustomed to vaping, you can decrease the nicotine intake through various density e-juice.
  2. Stink smell terminator. You must have that experience that girls/women hate the house permeates smell or residual tobacco smell on your cloth. Once grab an e-cigarette, means a wave goodbye to odorous.
  3. Economic consuming behavior. A pack of conventional cigarette costs $15. That’s kind way to burn your hard eared money. Compared to it, e-cigarettes are way cheaper!
  4. Environment pollution free. Smoking is not only harmful to yourself, but also to people around you. Second hand smoke is dangerous! We talked about it before.
  5. Life saver. We not simply mean vaping is good for your health. A fire accident may be caused by a lighted cigarette butt. However, e-cigarette contains no combustible materials.

Now you see who wins? Your opinions are valued!



Ryan is a vaper, editor and content creator who spends most of his time bringing the interesting, entertaining, original and well-written articles to vapers. He believes that vaping is not only a healthier alternative to smoking, but also a great experience of life.