MOUU Cliq Pod System Review | A Pod Vape Featuring Dust and Leak Protections

MOUU Cliq Pod System

MOUU Cliq Pod System Review 

Say hello to the MOUU Cliq Pod System Kit. A simple, portable and sleek pod vape featuring dust and leak protection. So no more inhaling micro dust and another type of who-knows-what with this device!

MOUU Cliq Pod System
MOUU Cliq Pod System

The MOUU pod mod has a tiny size (15 x 14 mm) round vape pen shape. Powered by a 420 mAh built-in battery, the MOUU is able to push a maximum output power of 9 watts. Due to the 1.4 ohm ceramic coil in the pod, this device is able to produce around 400 puffs when the battery is fully charged.

Unboxing the MOUU Cliq Pod System

The MOUU comes in simple packaging and it includes the MOUU Cliq device, 1 MOUU Cliq Pod with a built-in ceramic coil and a USB cable to charge the battery. So not many extras, just the essential things you need to start with!

Build Quality of the MOUU Cliq Pod System

MOUU Cliq Pod System
MOUU Cliq Pod System

The MOUU Cliq has a sleek and elegant appearance and it is well-constructed in aircraft-grade 6000 aluminium. The body of the device has a premium finish and a very original design. Instead of featuring an opened mouth-piece, the Cliq has a little hole on the top cap.

When pushing the top cap up, you are able to vape and the airflow will open. In addition, you will be able to see part of the cartridge and the e-liquid inside. Once you are done vaping with the pod, you just need to push it down and the device will be sealed. This is a great way of avoiding dust and debris going inside your cartridge. Just a simple click and your mouthpiece will be sealed! The smart design of this pod also prevents any e-liquid from leaking out.

The device has a standard micro-USB charging port which is located at the bottom of the pod mod.

The Ceramic Pods

MOUU Cliq Pod System
MOUU Cliq Pod System

The MOUU Cliq features built-in ceramic coil pods at 1.4 ohms. The pod or cartridges are transparent and refillable. The pod has a little rubber lid on one side that you can easily pull out to fill up.

The cartridges are sold in a pack of 3 for less than $10, so that’s around $3 per pod. Although the coils inside are not replaceable, the life span of these coils is quite long in comparison to others. Ceramic coils have 2 advantages: they last longer and they usually have a better flavour than other types of coils.

These pods are designed for salt nic and CBD e-liquid. Do not try using a high VG (70 or more) with this pod unless you want to ruin the coil and experience a nice burnt taste.

MOUU Cliq Pod System Video 

Final Thoughts

The MOUU Cliq really does have a unique and smart design. This pod is a good choice for those looking for something simple and functional, yet elegant. The drag you will get from this pod is very similar to a cigarette and the flavour is just as good as you can get with a pod device. MOUU really did a good job with the design as it adds some hygienic value to this device.

The only negative point of this pod system would be the lack of versatility, as you will only be able to use the ceramic pods. There is no other option. If you are fine with this and you are just looking for a sleek device with a sleek design to vape salt nic and CBD, then the MOUU Cliq Pod System might be the pod mod you are looking for.

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