New Study Concludes Switching to Vaping Increases Your Penis Size


Research about vaping and penis sizeA new study developed by the ACD (American College of Doctors) found that switching to vaping can increase a penis size by up to 2 inches within 6 months. Experts conducted the research (check it here) on 100 smoking individuals aged between 25-45 years old. The results were incredible: just 6 months after switching to vaping and cutting out smoking all together, all the men tested experienced a penis growth when erect.

The experts were astonished. According to doctor R. Fausto, “not only will switching to vaping increase your penis size but it has also been reported to improve your sex drive considerably. By stopping smoking, more blood flows into the penile arteries giving heightened sensations for the man during sex”

Mrs Jones said “My husband is 44yrs old and we have been married for nearly 20yrs now so as you can imagine things have started to die off in the bedroom however, since he’s stopped smoking it’s like he’s in his twenties again – it’s great!”

Male vapingA girlfriend of another participant also said that they are both ‘like rabbits in the bedroom now’ because he has stopped smoking.

Mrs Smith also told us that she is never ever letting Mr Smith touch another tobacco product now that she’s actually enjoying herself…

We wonder if the wives and girlfriends of those men tested were happier with the house no longer smelling like an astray but like strawberry cheesecake or with the remarkable changes experienced between their men’s legs which seemed to support doctor Fausto’s statement.

So to sum up, we all know that vaping is 95% safer than regular cigarettes, has numerous health benefits and can save lives, but now we know it can make your dong bigger we’re all going to switch, and if you don’t have a penis but have a partner with a penis you’re sure as hell going to make them switch now too!



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