Notch Coils – What are they?

Notch Coils - What are they?

The Origin of Notch Coils

A couple of years back a new type of coil hit the market called notch coils. I believe the original concept was created by Jaybo-a well-known figure in the vape community. It initially came packed with an atomizer called the Theorem, a collaboration project between Jaybo and Matt from Suck my Mod that was produced by Wismec.

The concept was quickly adopted by many with companies like Joyetech soon offering their own versions of the new concept coil. It was a popular new option and everyone wanted to try it.

Notch Coils - What are they?

You’re probably wondering what makes a notch coil so different from a regular one. A standard coil is made of round wire wrapped around a round object to form a simple coil. A notch coil is essentially made of a single stainless steel tube with notches cut into it to form the rudimentary shape of a coil.

If you look closely at one the notches, they don’t cut all the way through and they’re cut in to all four faces of the tube running down its whole length which give it a similar appearance to a standard coil.

A notch coil shares most of the characteristics of a regular coil but with a few added benefits. The tube is made of a thin sheet of steel so it’s thinner and often lighter but also more durable than standard coils.

The notched tube has a lot more surface area so it should theoretically produce more vapour and better flavour. The perfectly ordered notches should also mean a much more consistent experience without hot spots or dry hits.

Notch Coils - What are they?

Being made of SS and having non-resistance legs meant they could be used in power mode but also for temperature control. For most they worked well in the mid-range for power about 50-60w and they produced good flavour and good vapour, so what happened to the notch coil?

Like I said they were all the rage about two years ago and then they just sort of disappeared, a flash in the pan fad that seemed to fade out almost as quickly as they became popular.

Problems with leads snapping off or coils melting and splitting were the most common complaints but almost any type of coil has its flaws. Still they pretty much faded from existence but never disappeared completely.

However now there is a new generation of notch coils hitting the market, smaller, sleeker coils that use considerably less power and are arguably a tiny bit easier to use thanks to a new friction fit clamping system.

Notch Coils - What are they
Joyetech NotchCore Atomizer

The new and improved Notch coils from Joyetech were introduced along with their latest atomizer the NotchCore and so far it’s been a real treat to use. Now the once power hungry coils only require around 20w to perform like they once did which is less than half the power they once consumed. Flavour and vapour production from them is top notch, no pun intended and the ability to re-wick and re-use them makes them both economical and convenient.

Joyetech Exceed NC Kit Video 

I’m personally hoping that this round of Notch coils is here to stay and that they continue to improve and expand on this new again technology.

Thanks for reading, dear vapers. Hope this notch coil article is helpful to you and I will be back with more articles soon.

Chris Sisson

Chris Sisson

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