Overview Three Types of Electronic Cigarette


As time goes by, electronic cigarettes continue to sail through several stages of advancing development. They started as cigar-like disposable devices to the current various box mods we see today with unique designs and innovative technologies. If you are new to the vaping world, you may feel overwhelmed being faced with so many different types of electronic cigarettes. In this article, we will help you gain a better knowledge regarding the different types of e-cigarettes on the market.

1. eGo series

Initially developed by Joyetech, the eGo is without a doubt one of the most popular devices in the e-cigarette industry. It is well-received worldwide, ego e-cigespecially in Europe, thanks to its small size, affordable prices, and similarities to traditional tobacco. With the increasing popularity of the eGo series, other e-cigarette manufacturers follow the trend and produce their own ego devices with updated unique features. Therefore, you can find a variety of similar eGo e-cigs on the market. However Joytech doesn’t lag behind and has launched a new eGo series each year, not only targeting beginners but also experienced vapers. There is no denying that the Joytech eGo series still has a great advantage in this field.

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This ego series belong to small-sized e-cigarette category. It has a stylish appearance, rich colors and fine craftsmanship. It is convenient to carry around and suitable for most vapers. On the other hand, this ego differs from the normal ego e-cigarettes. With this series you can produce more vapor and ego one can even support sub ohm vaping, which highlights the advancing technology that has taken place in the industry over the last few years.

2. Mechanical Mods

After the success of the ego devices, e-cigarettes have been widely acknowledged by smechanical modmokers as a ‘healthy alternative’ and have even attracted some non-smokers. E-cigarettes are no longer just an alternative to real cigarettes, but also a device for relaxing and having fun. In this case, mechanical mods spring up and become popular in America because of their ability to allow vapers to completely customize their vaping experience. They run by power battery and RDA atomizers, producing amazing vapor clouds. But they can still be dangerous, e.g. the short circuit problem. Therefore choosing a quality mechanical mods is imperative. Usually we don’t encourage beginners to use mechanical mods before learning about battery safety and other crucial components, however if you are thinking of buying your first mechanical mod here are some reliable devices: Smoktech MagnetoWISMEC Skyladon.

3. Box Mods

Following mechanical mods, box mods with VV/VW functions were introduced in 2014 and took a leading place in the e-cigarette market. The biggest box modadvantage of the box mods are the larger batteries and various advanced features that allow vapers to fully control all aspects of the device and their own vaping experience. Compared to those unregulated mechanical mods, box mods are much safer because they have all sorts of protection systems. This year, they are still the mainstream vape products but at the same time come with more innovative technologies such as temperature control and Bluetooth connection, bringing a whole new trend to the vaping world.

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They are all solidly build with powerful functions. Even if you are a vaping cloud chaser or a casual vape enthusiast, none of the devices will disappoint you. Although they may still be a little bit complicated to newbies. So if you are not so good with all the fiddly buttons, we suggest you start with the basic box mods.

To sum up, the electronic cigarette industry has experienced a fast development over the last few years. From their initial smoke-quitting purposes, to the current modern vaping culture we see today. It is a great thing to see e-cigarette manufacturers pay more attention to vaping safety and constantly bring forth new innovations.



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