Is Pod System New Generation of Vaping?

Is Pod System New Generation of Vaping?

Is pod system new generation of vaping?

Pod system is based on the same principles as the standard cigalike, which is designed to be easy to use and its target market is smokers looking for a trouble-free alternative. In order to achieve this,  it adheres to the cigalike principles, while taking the technology in a new direction.

Is Pod System New Generation of Vaping?
Pod System

A Little History

The advancements in vaping over the last decade have paved the way for some really interesting products. Thinking back over the years, from when devices ran below 10W of power and “high” power devices were large, heavy and bulky.

Starter kits have taken on many forms in that time as well. From the early days of disposable cartridge-based “cigalikes” from companies such as Blu and Halo. It was not long before the factories were changing things up and introducing things like clearomizers and pen style batteries. From there the pen style kits we know today took the vaping scene by storm.

Pen kits have been the norm for quite a long time and they have served many. These kits are responsible for building the foundation of vaping and assisting millions in getting off cigarettes.

Is Pod System New Generation of Vaping?
Pen Kit

Because of the advancements in vaping, devices started to take a new form. It seemed like it took no time for companies to start placing more power into devices, starting at 30w and going all the way up to the 220w we are familiar with today.

This also paved the way for the atomizer market, the coil market, and the builders’ lifestyles. So, it is easy to say that vaping has come a long way.

With the rapid advancements in tech, starter kits took a spot on the back shelf for quite some time. Pen kits were almost a thing of the past. The odd new vaper may request one but for the most part, they all but became extinct.

What took it’s place was “sub-ohm” capable starter kits. These kits often shipped with a mod either run by external batteries or equipped with an internal set. They would also come with a tank matched to the mod and coils for either sub-ohm vaping or above ohm vaping.

This gave people the best of both worlds and it was a successful model for a long time. As with all things vaping, a change was in the works.

The Evolution of the Pod System

Is Pod System New Generation of Vaping?
Pod System

The change that came was started by a little company who is large now and well know. Juul was first to introduce a closed pod, low wattage device equipped with much higher nicotine levels than previously offered.

This was due to their use of Nicotine Salts in their eliquid pods. Nicotine salts are able to provide a positive experience at much higher nicotine levels as compared to freebase nicotine.

There was only one problem with this configuration. It is actually the same issue that people had when Cigalike devices were around. Its pods were sealed and nonrefillable. Considering the amount of liquid in the pod, it was quite the costly upkeep.

It took no time for vapers to find a way to modify the system, rightfully so. If you consider that the ejuice in the pod may only last a week at most, the coil inside is still perfectly usable. The entire system was wasteful.

Users found a way to turn these pods into refillable units, just as they found a way to refill cigalike cartridges.

Soon after the Juul revolution, other companies jumped on board and started releasing the same style kits with refillable pods. They quickly became widely accepted by new vapers as well as veteran vapers.

Flash forward to today and the selection of pod systems is quite vast. Almost all pod systems are made to be refillable. They are either equipped with a cartridge with a fill port or the cartridge is permanently fixed with a slot to insert a new coil.

Pod system like the Suorin Air is very popular all across the vaping world. New vapers find great success quitting cigarettes and vet vapers praise them for their extreme portability.

Is Pod System New Generation of Vaping?
Nicotine Salt E-Liquid

Nicotine Salts is partially responsible for the rise in Pod Systems. A vaper who uses 3MG freebase nicotine can easily use a pod system with 25-50mg nicotine without experiencing adverse effects.

It is because of this evolution in starter kits, transitioning to Pod Systems that we believe that pod kits are the new normal for vaping. As long as Nicotine Salts remain an active ingredient in high nic ejuice, there is no reason for them to go away.


Like all things vaping, advancement and innovation can change the tide at any time. Pod system could be replaced by something else at any time but for now they are here to stay.

John Pietersma

John Pietersma

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