Premium E-juice and DIY E-juice, Which One Is Better?


As vapers, we all know that vaping can cost much e-juice. For instance, if you use a sub-ohm device, you will probably use up 10 ml e-juice per day. What’s worse, if the vape shop sold out the e-juice you prefer, you either leave the shop with empty hands, or end up buying the products leaving you unsatisfied.

Is there any solution to solve this problem? Yes, of course! You can make your own e-juice. It is not difficult at all. Making your own e-juice is just like boiling an egg. With some guidance you can make a bottle of your own e-juice!

However, to many people, they still worry the quality of the DIY E-juice. They say there is a great difference between the premium e-juice and the DIY e-juice. So the problems arise—what are the advantages and drawbacks of premium e-juice and DIY e-juice and which one is better?

Premium E-juice and DIY E-juice, Which One Is Better?We have to admit the fact that there indeed exist some differences between the premium e-juice and DIY e-juice. E-liquid is mainly made of four ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, liquid nicotine and flavoring. The quality of those ingredients have a vital impact on the flavor, consistence and cloud production of e-juice. Top manufacturers may use the best ingredients and blend those ingredients in a professional way. So in most cases, premium e-juice often vapes and tastes better than the homemade e-juice.

However, vaping premium e-juice costs quite a lot. For those who are rich enough, it is really a no-brainer. But for many people, money is still an important consideration. Premium e-juices often have a better taste than homemade ones, but in a long run, homemade e-juice will save you a lot of money. What’s more, if you make your e-juice in the right way and use high quality ingredients and equipment, you can also have a tasty e-juice.

Premium E-juice and DIY E-juice, Which One Is Better?If you have decided to make your own e-juice, you need to do some preparations. There are many resources online which tell you the specific ingredients, equipment and steps needed to make your own e-juice. As a starter, you need to buy some kit, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, nicotine and flavor, etc. to get started. I recommend starter not to buy too much Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine. A liter of each is enough. As to the nicotine, it is important to buy the high quality ones. Besides, nicotine volatilizes easily when exposed to the air, so make sure to seal the bottle after using it.


Both the premium e-juices and homemade ones have advantages and drawbacks. If money is not a problem, you do not have time to tinker with the e-juice but want to enjoy high-quality one, then you can chose premium e-juice. For those who have spare time and want to enjoy the lab-style process of mixing liquids, they can try making homemade e-juice.

Last but not the least, we should always remember to enjoy our e-juice safely no matter whether we decided to go down the road of making e-juices at home or buying premium ones at a vape shop.



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