Quick Guide For Everyone Who Are Interested in Vaping


As time goes on, electronic cigarettes are gaining more popularity and worldwide acceptance. Mainly as a direct result of the health and environmental benefits compared to traditional cigarettes. However when you first get access to this new vapor filled world, you may encounter a few problems. In order to help you gain a good knowledge of vaping and ease the transition to a healthier smoke-free life, we have picked out some frequently asked questions and given some (hopefully) useful answers.


1. How long does an atomizer head last?

Generally an atomizer head will last around 2 to 3 weeks, but its life span may vary according to different levels of usage and maintenance. One simple way to judge whether you should change a new atomizer, is when you feel the e-liquid  tastes different. So be sure to stock some atomizers for backup and replace regularly for the best vaping experience.

2. Why is my air hole leaking?

This could be caused by several things, for example, your tank isn’t screwed on tightly enough, the rubber ring is cracked or wasn’t put in the right place when installing the atomizer. Apart from that, a bad atomizer will also cause leaking issue. So please do purchase good quality atomizers – it’s better than getting sticky e-liquid all over your hands!

3. Why do I feel the e-liquid frying when I’m vaping?

Usually, it is because the heating coil is too close to the air outlet. Part of the e-liquid is directly pumped in through the air inlet without being vaporized due to capillarity. Please recheck the position of the heating coil and adjust the distance between the wick and air inlet. Then fingers crossed the problem will be solved.

4. Whats the difference between a single coil and dual coils? 

Single coil and dual coils refers to the quantity of heating coils installed in the atomizer. By adding heating coils, changing the contact surface, when the e-liquid is vaporized a bigger cloud will be produced. So if you’re a cloud chaser we are guessing you are already using dual coils. But if you are unfamiliar with resistance & amp; voltage related knowledge, we suggest you start with just a single coil mod.

5. Why did I get e-liquid in my mouth?

This situation is usually caused by an excessive delivery rate of e-liquid because of a fierce draw from your mod, which results in the e-liquid being inhaled into your mouth before it’s been completely vaporized. Sometimes it also happens when the tank isn’t sealed tightly, making the e-liquid leak into the air pipe, and then being drawn into your mouth without being atomized. Please carefully check if your e-liquid delivery rate is too fast or any leaking issues happen within your tank.

6. Is the e-liquid harmful if not completely vaporized?

Even though the ingredients are good quality, e-liquid is not harmful to the human body, the e-liquid without being atomized will just simply greatly reduce your vaping experience. If you feel the e-liquid vaporization is not quick enough, then lower the e-liquid delivery rate or increase the output power to ensure you experience that tasty vapor.

7. Which kind of tank is better; stainless steel, glass or acrylic?

They all have their own pros and cons. The stainless steel tank is solid, but you can only judge the e-liquid consumption depending on your taste and experience. A glass tank is fragile, but you can clearly see the e-liquid level. An acrylic tank is easy to install and can hold more e-liquid than the other two tanks, but it also fragile. Furthermore, acrylic tanks are not suitable for all e-liquids, for some high VG e-liquids they may cause the tank to crack. So you should choose the tank that best suits your vape habits.

Vaping with success is not as complicated as long as you are well educated and learn from other experienced vapers! We hope the above information will help you achieve a great vaping experience. If you have any further problems or good tips on vaping we would love to hear from you, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Heaven Gifts looks forward to hearing from you guys!!



Ryan is a vaper, editor and content creator who spends most of his time bringing the interesting, entertaining, original and well-written articles to vapers. He believes that vaping is not only a healthier alternative to smoking, but also a great experience of life.