Several Useful Tips For E-Cigarettes Disposal


One of the advantages of e-cigarettes over traditional cigarette is they are environmentally friendlier. It does not lead to ash, dirty cigarette butts littered on the ground we walk. Most cigarette filters are made from cellulose, a type of plastic that takes about 12 years to degrade. In term of this perspective, electronic cigarette use could help counteract the problem people face with disposal of used cigarette filters. However, electronic cigarette will hit the end of its life cycle one day. Facing used up batteries, cartridges and other rubbish, how are you going to deal with? Did you discard it in a proper way? For those lucky enough to make the switch from tobacco cigarette to e-cigarette, we should at least disposal of the new waste responsibly.

Batteries are the common things we know about. It is better to recycle these things than to discard them. In the UK, a regulation known as “Battery Directive” was proposed and implemented few years ago to encourage people to take good care of environment. Many retail store sell batteries like TESCO offer collection bins, where customers can dispose of used ones for free. But in the USA, the government classified batteries as non-hazardous.

Under this circumstance, we suggest you:

First, the battery should be fully discharged and cooled;

Second, submerge into a container of cold saltwater and covered safely with a lid .The battery should be left in the saltwater for two weeks;

In the end, wrapped in newspaper or paper towels and placed in the trash.

Cartridge, which looks like the filter of a cigarette always left with liquid nicotine after your vaping. If not discard it properly, as the nicotine in it may be dangerously toxic for animals and children.

The proper disposal of e-cigarette cartridge and its contents require the following steps:

  • Remove the filler material carefully out of the cartridge;
  • Wash it thoroughly in running water until all then residual nicotine is gone;
  • Wrap the filler in a scrap of biodegradable material;
  • l  Wash the plastic cartridge under running water;
  • Plug it with the original plug;
  • Dispose of it as you would any other plastic waste.

Atomizer can be discard in the same way as cartridge do. Wrap it to prevent from swallowed and put it in the original package. In this way, the package itself can be discarded. This helps to prevent any animal or child from eating any of the small components.

We are all fortunate to find these products. In return we should respect our environment. Heaven Gifts treats it same way. For more tips about electronic cigarette, please keep an eye on our website.



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