Shake Off Second-hand Smoke And Enjoy a New Inhaling Style


We have heard that the foundation of tobacco industry is shadowing. Maybe we need that. Maybe we need an alternative entertaining habit more green than smoking. When things come to smoking, we have to mention “indoor pollution”. That’s part of thing someone of you has put up with or even not felt in daily life. Burning woods to get warm, cooking, decoration, all of these can lead to indoor pollution. However, smoking is the worse one. Why would we say smoking leads indoor pollution? It does not generate a large amount of smoke like burning wood does. It is not that toxic like paint of decoration. For it could happen in any time, that all depends on the smokers’ frequency of tobacco smoking.

Imagine this, the guy siting next or near to you is smoking. And smoke with carbonic oxide and tar permeates around you. What will you think of it when you are exposure to such atmosphere? Of course, it is unhealthy. And this situation called an inhabitation of second hand smoke, classified by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Actually,second hand smoke contains more than 7000 chemical compounds, about 250 of them are harmful, and 40 could cause cancer. According to statics, second hand smoke causes about 32000 deaths every year in the US, parts of them are suffering from heart disease, some are lung cancer.

An interesting research launched by British analysts, 55 people are divided into two team, 27 of them are non-smoker, but exposure to second hand smoke constantly, another 28 are non-smoker in green atmosphere. Through studying, they found people exposure to second hand smoke in long time may get memories damaged. Children are particularly at risk for the effects of second hand smoke because their bodies are still growing and they breathe at a faster rate than adults.

Judge above, avoiding second hand smoke is the top priority for our own health. Convincing smoker to quit? Avoid being around people who are smoking? Is it that simply really? We are not sure. The only thing we can confirm is these are not effective. For changing an old habit is hard, which needs patience. Offering an alternative choice may work out, like electronic cigarette is a good option. It can change e-liquid flavors, concentration of nicotine and so on. This can help smokers not rely on nicotine that much and simply reach an inhaling effect.

If you have any other solution or means, please not hesitate to share in the “comment” section. Hope enjoying what we brings to you!



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