Siren GTA MTL Tank 22 & Tank 25—Best Single Coil MTL Tank of 2017!


Recently Heaven Gifts have received great feedback from many kind reviewers all agreeing that the Digiflavor Siren GTA MTL Tank 22 and Tank 25 are the best MTL tanks of 2017. Here are their honest thoughts after using the tanks for one and a half weeks, “I think they are really nice single coil MTL tanks!” “Build quality is excellent!” “They look great and the flavor is superb.” “100% leak-free at the moment and very easy to top fill.” “Would I keep using these things and recommend them? Without a doubt!” “They are currently my favorite tanks of 2017!” “I will probably get another one soon as a back-up.”

It does not make any sense unless we go through the package contents and their features you show you what the hype is all about!

Package contains:

1 x Digiflavor Siren GTA + 1 x Delrin Drip Tip + 1 x Replacement Glass Tube + 1 x Spare Parts Poly-bag + 1 x Allen Key.

Listed features:

22mm Tank Diameter (Siren GTA MTL Tank 22)25mm Tank Diameter (Siren GTA MTL Tank 25)

25mm Tank Diameter (Siren GTA MTL Tank 25)

43mm Tank Height

4ml Juice Capacity (Siren GTA MTL Tank 22)5ml Juice Capacity (Siren GTA MTL Tank 22)

5ml Juice Capacity (Siren GTA MTL Tank 22)

Genisis Tank Atomizer Structure

Anti-Leak Top-Fill Method

Precise Adjustable Airflow

Combining the advantages of Vacuum and Genesis

510 Connection

Available in Silver and Black

Here are the pictures to prove it!



Now let’s talk serious talk about the tank.

The Tank:

When you take it out of the packaging you will notice how well-made it is and how clean the machining is. Not a single drop of machine oil every line thread and detail shows the manufacturer’s attention to detail. On the top of the tank, the drip tip matches perfectly. It does a great job of dissipating heat. When you start using it you won’t want to change.


Just below the drip tip is the top cap, under which you have two large-size kidney-shaped fill holes. Siren GTA MTL Tank is top-filling so all you need to do is unscrew the top cap and insert the pipette into one of the two large holes on each side of the chimney, which can provide enough room to get pretty much any tip to fill up the tank which holds around 4ml or 5ml of e-juice. The other hole serves as a vent to let air escape when you fill it. When you close the tank, it does not get squeezed so you do not need to wipe the tank off when filling it, which is a huge plus for you!

Siren GTA MTL tank features a GTA (Genisis Tank Atomizer) structure, which combines the advantages of Vacuum and Genesis. With chamber closer to drip tip and airflow straight to coil, it can provide you with the purest flavor, no burn taste. What’s more, it’s very easy to coil and wick.

So if you are trying to find your perfect tank, Siren GTA MTL Tank 22 and Tank25 will both be a great choices!



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