Temperature Control Vaping—a New Trend of 2015


As we know, high powered vape devices led the market in 2014. Many vapers were attracted by the ability to produce huge vapor. But along with the benefits, some doubts about the safety of high powered e cigarettes arose, such as; “will the e-liquid produce any harmful substances?” In response to these doubts, the concept of temperature control vaping was launched in 2015. If we say, 2014 belongs to high power e-cigars, then 2015 opens an era for temperature control . In this article, we will discuss this innovative technology.

Temperature Control Vaping

What is temperature control?

As the name suggests, TC technology can limit the temperature of the coils to prevent your vape devices from getting overheated. Actually, this technology takes use of the fact that the resistance value of nickel coil will vary under different temperatures. By detecting the change in coil resistance and then restricting the voltage to the coil = temperature control.

Why we need it?
  1. Many vapers have never got a terrible taste from burnt wicks. This is really annoying and greatly reduces your vaping experience. TC devices can effectively avoid or reduce this dry hit problem.
  2. Also the e-liquid may produce different vapor compositions at different temperatures, which causes different tastes. According to a study, PG in e-liquid will produce methyl alcohol under higher temperatures, which is not a good thing. TC devices can reduce this risk whilst keeping the same great taste.

It is no wonder why TC devices are so popular! Nowadays, many vaping manufacturers have released vape devices with the TC function. With so many choices, you may find it difficult to choose a suitable one. But don’t worry, we have already shared some excellent TC devices in our previous article, Top 5 affordable box mods with Temperature Control. Of course, apart from the TC mods, many atomizers have also come with temperature control function recently, for example Eleaf GS-Tank, FreeMax Starre Pro, Heatvape Ecotank.

It seems temperature control has become an important element in the electronic cigarette market. It is really encouraging to see more and more innovations being added for safer vaping.



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