Three Top Squonk Mods You Can Buy Today


Many seasoned vapers are familiar to the RDA for its performance leaves a deep impression on them. However, RDAs also have some disadvantages. To enjoy vaping with the RDAs means that you need carry around up to 10ml of e-liquid and repeatedly drip your atty, which is very inconvenient. Now, good news for you. With squonk mods or squonkers, you can drip and still enjoy the impressive performance of a traditional RDA.

So what is a squonker?

A squonker is a bottom fed vape device which includes a squonk mod, and a bottom fed rebuildable dripping atomiser. In the squonk mod, you can find a battery and a squonk bottle. The squonk bottle enables you to vape all day long. Therefore, you do not need to carry around a separate bottle of e-liquid through your day.

With squonk mods now hitting the mainstream market, I have compiled a list of best squonk mods that are currently available.

Geekvape Athena Kit

Three Best Squonk Mods You Can Buy TodayThe Athena Squonk Kit is a compact, powerful, elegant yet lightweight mechanical box mod with bottom fed atomizer. In its solid aluminum and stainless steel body you can find a 6.5 ml silicone bottle. This box mod is powered by a single 18650 battery like all classic devices, which can bring you much convenience. It has a large, front facing firing button with a “locking switch”, so you need not to worry about the accidental firing, which in many cases is very dangerous. The box also has a “self-adjusting” 510 pin for all your atomizers with long and short 510 pins. Due to its tight contact, the box significantly reduces leakage.

In a word, this compact powerful elegant squonking machine has the power to change the way you vape. If you are looking for your first squonker, Geekvape Athena Kit is a must-have.


Three Best Squonk Mods You Can Buy TodayIJOY CAPO SQUONKER is the first regulated squonker which is compatible with 21700/20700/18650 battery. The 21700 battery is famous for its fantastic battery life, impressive 3750 mAh capacity and 40 A continuous discharge max. Featuring tiny and ergonomic size, this squonker is capable of running up to 100W. Its big front OLED screen displays essential information to its users. And its food-grade soft and hard silicone squonk bottle holds a generous 9 ml of e-liquid. Its top battery slot design ensures safety and ease of battery replacement. Besides, this squonk mod is a regulated device, unlike your typical mechanical squonkers and comes with the Combo RDA Triangle.

Aleader X-Drip

Three Best Squonk Mods You Can Buy TodayThe X-Drip Box Mod from Aleader is a colorful resin style Squonk mod with a 7ml squonk bottle. It is powered by a single 18650 battery and uses interchangeable side panels, so you can customize it according to your personal style. It only costs you $55, which I think is a very competitive price. Though it is one of the inexpensive devices available on the market, it performs with some of the best squonk mods to date. I love this mod because of its light weight, beautiful color and almost flawless manufacturing. If you want to go for looks and build quality, then the Aleader X-Drip is for you.


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