8 Tips to Avoid and Fix Spitback in Your Tank

8 Tips to Avoid and Fix Spitback in Your Tank

At some point and time most vapers have been faced with spitback and it’s never fun. What is spitback? Well it’s exactly like it sounds. It’s when juice instead of being vaporized into delicious vapor is instead popped off the coil and into your mouth like hot oil pops out of a frying pan when cooking.

8 Tips to Avoid and Fix Spitback in Your Tank

So what causes spitback? Spitback usually occurs when a coil is flooded with too much juice. So instead of juice only being on the cotton and vaporized when the coil is heated, the coil itself has juice all over it and when it heats up that juice will pop off the coil and into your mouth. So in this article I will go over how to fix spitback issues in your tank.

How to avoid and fix spitback in your tank?

1.Raise your wattage.   

Lots of spit back issues are simply caused by underpowering your coil. When this happens and you aren’t vaporizing all the juice off the cotton it’ll eventually flood the coil. Try bumping it up a few watts each time you puff until it goes away.

2. Don’t overprime your coil.

Far too often I see people go overboard with priming a coil. Things like soaking it in a shot glass of juice before installing are just insane. All you need to do to prime a coil is put a few drops of juice directly on the cotton in the coil then install in your tank. Fill your tank and give it like 15 mins or so to settle in and absorb the juice. Anything more then that is overkill and can cause spitback.

3. Change your new coil. 

If it’s a brand new coil and spits back, it may just be a bad coil which is always possible with premade coils. It sucks to waste money but sadly that’s part of risk you take with premade coils.

4. Check your orings and tank. 

8 Tips to Avoid and Fix Spitback in Your Tank

Lots of time, flooding is caused by a missing or damaged or pinched o-ring. Take apart your tank rinse everything down make sure you have all the o-rings in place and aren’t missing any and put it back together again

5. Change an old coil.

What if you’ve been vaping for a week or so with no issues now all of a sudden you get spitback. It’s not a bad coil right? That is correct however coils wear out over time as well. If your good coil is now flooding and giving you spitback it just means it’s served its purpose and it’s time to change it.

6. Don’t leave full tanks in a hot car!

Often at times I’ll hear stories of people who leave their tanks in their car at work then go on a lunch break to vape and get spitback. Cars get hot especially in the summer. When a tank is heated the air inside expands and the pressure changes and the juice gets thinner which causes the coil to flood and spit back and even possibly you come back to one that has leaked pretty badly. Always keep your vape in a cool place.

7. Don’t leave your tank sitting.

8 Tips to Avoid and Fix Spitback in Your TankTanks are made to be used regularly. Often times I’ve heard stories of people who had it sitting for a week then wanted a vape and came back to leaks and spitback. They aren’t sealed off when not in use and over time when it sits if juice isn’t being vaporized off it’ll flood through the cotton.

8. Check your juice!

Most tanks are made for a certain thickness of juice. Many pods and MTL tanks are best used with 50/50 VG/PG while many sub-ohm tanks are best used with 70/30 VG/PG. Using a juice that is too thin (high PG then recommended) can cause flooding which will spitback.



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