TQS Herbal Stick | The Healthiest Heat Stick with Various Flavors

Here you will find the introduction of the healthiest heat stick for any users who wanna quit smoking!


Here you will find the introduction of the healthiest heat stick for any users who want to quit smoking!

What is TQS Herbal stick?

TQS herbal stick is a product that produces aerosols containing nicotine and other chemicals, which are inhaled by users, through the mouth.

Similar to other heat sticks, TQS healthiest heat stick mimic the behavior of smoking conventional cigarettes, and some make use of specifically designed cigarettes to contain the tobacco for heating.

Different from cigarettes and other heat sticks, this healthiest heat stick is made with non-tobacco ingredients. But will definitely provide the areal smoking feeling to users. Take this, and you can leave the cigarette with ease.


TQS Herbal Stick

Heated tobacco product’s health has been approved by some professional research institutions. “Compared with cigarettes, heated tobacco products are likely to expose users and bystanders to lower levels of particulate matter and harmful and potentially harmful compounds. The extent of the reduction found varies between studies.”

The most creative TQS herbal stick that adopts precise product processes, 100% healthy natural herb, and newest extract technology can lower at least 1% harmful than other HNB sticks.

One of the most noteworthy things is its combination of sheet shape and complicated product processes, completely retained the herbal essence and can entire exudes plant fragrance, and also ensure the stick’s working life, which means each TQS herbal stick can support at least 13-15 puffs, longer than any other heat stick in the marketplace.


TQS Herbal Stick Puffs

Comes with professional product research and development laboratory and factory, the establishment of a professional research and development team. TQS’s company is able to build a perfect product supply chain and intellectual property layout without any hassle.

In addition, it has an exclusive heating non-burning content patent, the whole process of low-temperature technology roller pressed into high-quality smoke pieces, smoke pieces cut and loaded, made into heating type “flower bullets”. With the help of the characteristics of Heat Not Burn, it can better restore the cigarette flavor, with elegant and plump aroma, full and delicate smoke, and sweet and comfortable aftertaste.


TQS Herbal Stick Flavors

Healthiest Herbal Stick


Regular TQS herbal stick is one of the best-selling flavors in the worldwide herbal sticks. It’s a tool to help you quit smoking, you can taste the areal vaping flavor.

But its 100% natural & safe ingredients can protect you from lung diseases, such as Tea Powder, Glycerin, Propylene glycol, and others. With a passion for simple but 100% restore flavor comes an idea to launch this regular TQS herbal stick.


TQS Herbal Stick Regular


Tasted by tons of heat stick users worldwide, blueberry has been certified as the most fragrant and rich flavor, no matter in smelling or smoking, especially in Japan and the United Kingdom.

In addition to some normal ingredients, this TQS blueberry herbal stick also derived from some special ingredients, such as Peppermint oil and Berry extract. In the feeling of drinking a cup of blueberry juice, your tongue and even brain can also experience the comfort and refreshment of menthol. It’s the best way to start your blueberry life.


TQS Herbal Stick Blueberry


If keep your mind fresh is your cup of tea, TQS Coffee herbal stick is the best choice to consider. Why over-cluttering the flavors and distracting your shoppers with too many flavors if you do not have to?

Instead, keep things simple and to the point, pushing your outstanding items right in front of their eyes. This Coffee healthiest heat stick does the job for your convenience. Due to its original Coffee tincture, you will want to use it exactly in your daily, just like you need coffee to maintain your passion for work.

As in your imagination, When the genial sunshine drips into the window of the coffee shop in the afternoon, the particularly attractive roasted coffee beans waft elegant coffee fragrance into the air. You order a cup of iced coffee and take a light puff on TQS coffee healthiest heat stick gradually with a slight mint flavor. Isn’t that the life you’d like to choose in your mind?


TQS Herbal Stick Coffee


This is an incomparably cool flavor that specializes in summer. Comes with organic fresh Peppermint oil, strong and cool Menthol, it is able to last infiltration of spleen and lung. After every exciting surfing, the first light puff of TQS mint stick could bring you to the pleasantly cool world of a short time away.

But is that enough? No, of course, no! The ornament of Mint leaf in the TQS herbal stick can also take you to taste the flavor of nature mint. Every TQS mint healthiest heat stick has this dual experience, cause of the combination of Menthol and Mint leaf. Don’t hesitate to release your energy in your life with every puff of TQS mint herbal stick!


TQS Herbal Stick Mint

Jasmine Tea

Unlike other TQS flavors and any heat stick, Jasmine tea herbal stick is the ideal flavor you should consider using. The fragrance of Jasmine is integrated with the tea and thick rhyme of char sweet, and its full-bodied aroma spread in your house, office, makes you feel serenity you’ve never felt before. Every puff is rich sweet layers, long aftertaste, the tip of the tongue instantly fell in love.

TQS Herbal Stick Jasmine Tea


TQS herbal stick is the world’s healthiest heat stick. It can be fully compatible with all heat not burn devices. Its professional R & D team, flavoring team, and product quality control team is the most critical key to occupy the worldwide heat not burn stick marketplace and won tons of HNB users’ hearts.

In addition, TQS factory is also available at most safety certificates. Such as TPD, CE, ROHS 2.0, MSDS, and so on. You also don’t need to worry about the patent problem, cause TQS company achieved the special patent for their heat not burn devices and herbal stick, all of your equity is protecting.

Furthermore, TQS herbal stick is also available with enough flavor choices. No matter what kind of flavor style you like, you can always meet your most expected and favorite flavors here. TQS flavoring team is also doing their best to develop the newest flavor and would like to create some different series for different countries. They are doing all the things you are wondering!

For more info of TQS, please feel free to visit http://www.tqsheats.com/



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