How to travel safely with your vape gear and e-liquid?

How to travel with vape
How to travel with vape

How to travel safely with vape gear?

Flying with your vape gear and e-liquid to a different country can be a little bit of a nightmare for many vapers as you might ignore the regulations at destinations and don’t know how to pack your vape mods, tanks and e-liquid bottles safely.

In this post, we are going to try to answer the most common questions vapers might have when they travel with vape gear abroad. So let’s get on board!

How to travel with vape
How to travel with vape

Can I take my mods with me when I am off for a trip?

Yes, but you need to make sure you are securing your vape gear properly. Most international airports have strict regulations about carrying lithium-ion batteries in planes.

Lithium-ion batteries in laptops and other electrical devices, such as vape mods, can potentially burst into flames. Therefore, most airports will require to storage your lithium batteries in your hand-luggage.

If possible, remove your batteries from your mod before placing them in the hand-luggage. Don’t forget to use a battery cover or case for you batteries so they are protected from shorts. If you have a mod with internal batteries, please make sure that your mod is shut and your atomizer is removed.

Can I fly with e-liquid?

How to travel with vape
How to travel with vape

E-liquid is permitted in both your check-in luggage and your hand-luggage. As any other type of liquid, e-liquid must be placed in a small sealed bag if you take it in your hand-luggage. The bottles you place inside this bag must contain less than 100 ml. Otherwise, they will be removed at security.

If you are planning on traveling with big bottles of e-liquid (more than 100 ml), then you need to place them in your check-in luggage.

What shall I do with my tanks?

Tanks and atomizers are allowed in both your check-in and hand-luggage. During your flight, pressure changes can cause your atomizer to leak so it is advised to place them in a plastic bag. Alternately you can make sure your atomizers are out of e-liquid when you fly. You can also close the airflow to prevent any potential leaking.

What about my vape tools and accessories?

If you normally use rebuildable tanks such as RDAs and RTAs, then you are possibly flying with some vape tools. Scissors, pliers, screwdrivers and any other sharp objects are not allowed in hand-luggage unless they have rounded edges with blades measuring less than 6 cm. Anything else, simply won’t fly. Therefore, you must place all sharp tools and accessories in your check-in luggage.

As you can see, the general restrictions for cabin luggage apply to vape gear as well. Nonetheless, there are some countries where vaping can be considered a criminal offense.  So in this post we also aim to provide some general information about countries where vaping can get you in trouble.

If you are planning to be off in any of the following countries, please check first with your embassy there to see if they can give you any additional information before flying with vape gear to the following destinations:


How to travel with your vape
How to travel with your vape

The Land of Smiles can turn into the Land of Nightmares as you face up to 10 years in prison for selling vape gear. Thai legislation bans e-cig sales and importation since November 2014. Although this might not really affect you, the Thai law also made these restrictions even harsher by also banning possession. There are already documented cases of vapers getting in troubles in this country for vaping in public.


According to the government, you are not allowed to buy and distribute any vape related toy or device that resembles a tobacco product. Capable of being smoked or mimicking the act smoking. That includes online purchasing for personal use. Offenders can face $10,000 fine and/or 6 months in jail. But that’s not all. In 2016, the Health Sciences Authority advised the public “to refrain from using vaporizers, and to discard any vaporizer they might have in their possession”. So if you are traveling to Singapore, at least refrain from vaping in public.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong already had a ban on selling liquid containing nicotine, which is categorized as a poison. Some other countries like Finland, Norway and Australia had this ban on nicotine too. The proposed law does not criminalize possession for personal use. Although vaping in a non-smoking area could be punished by fines of up to 5,000 Hong Kong dollars ($637 U.S.).

The Philippines

The anti-tobacco law bans both indoor and outdoor smoking. And offenders might face a maximum penalty of four months in jail and a fine of 5000 pesos.  The smoking ban also includes vaping or the use of electronic cigarettes. And it will apply in any outdoor and indoor area. At least, smoking and vaping will be allowed outside in designated areas.

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